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ABUJA/Nigeria: Another frontline group, the Northern Consensus Movement (NCM), has lashed the Northern states governors who announced support for a Southern Presidential candidate from the All Progressives Congress (APC), vowing to massively mobilize in their region to produce a president that would protect the interest of the region in 2023.

They expressed this in a statement signed by their President General, Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu, made available to New Nigerian on Monday, where they described the Northern governors pushing for a Southern candidate as treacherous.

“The Northern Consensus Movement (NCM), hereby Distances itself From some Northern Governors’ Decision To Zone Presidency To The South,” they said.

They explained that, “their attention of the Amalgamation of 208 Community based, sociocultural and economically inclined Northern Association has been drawn to the unilateral, selfish, rash and hasty decision taken by some Northern Governors purportedly ceding the Presidency to the Southern part of this country in order to further their narrow minded political ambitions.

Consequently, we as an Amalgamation of Northern Associations wish to categorically distance ourselves from pronouncement made by the Governors for the following reasons:

“On whose authority did they act? Certainly not that of the North or Northerners.

“Who did the said Governors consult before arriving at this decision?

“Our movement is aware that such decision was born out of their selfish interest to be considered as running mates or get assurances of security from prosecution from the incoming government in view of the massive corruption and mismanagement they have perpetrated against their states

“Did they take into consideration the carnage perpetrated on Northerners who are being killed across the southern part of the country.

“Did they put into consideration the lost blood of those innocents Northerners?

“Did they put into consideration the Economic and Educational backwardness of North before arriving at their Selfish position?”

They said n view of the above, they wish to state categorically that:

“These self-serving, power seeking individuals who as governors have not advanced their respective states, only speak for themselves and family and not the entire North.

“As a group, our resolve is to ensure that Northern electorates will only vote for a candidate who will protect the Northern interest irrespective of his or her Party affiliation come 2023.

“Finally  NCM has already  put in place a mechanism and strategy to reach  out to all people of  the North through advocacy and voter education on why they must vote for a Northern candidate who will protect the  lives and property of Northerners in all parts of Nigeria.

“The NCM will not rest on its oars until we achieve Northern Presidency come 2023.

No governors will decide for us. We are not their slaves. We are waiting to see them in EFCC net the sooner they loose their immunity”.


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