BAUCHI/Nigeria: A former member of the House of Representatives from Bauchi State, Honorable Hamisu Muazu Shira, said he was in full support of the clarion calls for Governor Bala Mohammed of the state to contest the presidential election come 2023 by various groups across the country.

The former federal lawmaker made his position known in a press statement issued to journalists in Bauchi on Monday.

Shira said himself and his colleagues, the former federal lawmakers from the states of the North East will support the governor by seeking for the votes of Nigerians in his favor in the forthcoming presidential election.

He said due to the commitment of Governor Mohammed towards the infrastructural development, if given the opportunity, he would bring development in terms of roads network nationwide, developing housing and critical sectors of the nation’s economy.

“Having known Senator Bala Mohammed, and his leadership qualities, he is capable and should be called upon to contest presidential elections especially, we in the northeast, we have not produced a president.”

Speaking on the zone to produce the next president, Shira appealed to southern brothers to, by the instrument of the wisdom and knowledge of the press statement, be properly guided to start proper political and democratic consultations for the 2023 presidential polls, adding that it would be hinged on congruity with pure democratic tenets and principles.

He described the position of the Southern Governors to demand for the North to Concede 2023 Presidency as unconstitutional, undemocratic, and unacceptable.

“I hereby disagree with the resolution of the Southern Governors meeting in Lagos to the effect that the North should simply allow for the South to produce the next President of Nigeria come 2023 presidential elections. As much respect and high regards as I would harbour for our Southern brothers and colleagues in the political arena.

“So, a situation where the Southern Governors demands for a whole larger half of the country be shut out of the presidential race on mere and flimsy excuse of inconsequential sentiments is unconstitutional.” Shira said.

He further said there were eminent Nigerian citizens in every part of the country and therefore the North East still has qualified human political materials who had ambition to serve the nation at the highest level of political office, as such ambitions do not have to be shut down just because there are Southerners that had wanted to become President of Nigeria in 2023.

The former House of Representatives member said however, being a loyal and obedient person, if former President Goodluck Jonathan is interested to contest again, Governor Bala Mohammed will have no option than not to contest the position.

He, therefore, called on Nigerians to consider Governor Bala Mohammed as their next president in 2023 to enable them work out plans of addressing numerous challenges currently facing the country.


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