Dr. Braduce Amakazi Angozi

ABUJA/Nigeria: As Nigerians celebrate the country’s 62nd Anniversary on October 1, 2022, they had been called to always leave in peace with one another, especially with the approach of the 2023 General Election.

Making this assertion, in his 2022 Independence Day Anniversary message, was a one-time commissioner in Delta State, and a Governorship Aspirant under the Peoples Democratic Party, in the last primary, Chief Angozi Braduce.

Chief Angozi stated in his message dated September 30, 2022, that it’s only when Nigerians leave in peace with one another that we can have the nationhood we all so desire.

He reminded Nigerians to use the occasion of the 62nd Independence Anniversary to pray and prepare for the 2023 election, in order to defeat all forms of distraction that will impede the outcome of the election.

He pointed out that the only way to defeat such impediment is for all Nigerians to reflect on the cause while the fathers of Nigeria fought for Independence, which was achieved on 1 October 1960.

“I congratulate Nigerians, and I urge you all to be steadfast, live with one another in peace, and love each other.”

“We should not be divided by those who want to divide us, especially with the approach of the 2023 General Election. We should not allow them, to cause confusion in our mix.”

“We should continue our drives to build a strong, virile, and peaceful Nigeria.” He said.


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