Bishop Greatman Nmalagu, Executive Assistant to Delta Governor on Religious Matters

ASABA/Nigeria: As the November 4, United State Presidential Election draw to close, Christians had been called to cast their votes for the second term of the current president, and candidate of the Republican Party, Mr. Donald Trump, saying any Christian who fails to cast his vote for him, is a candidate of hellfire.

This was part of a fasting and prayer conference held for the second term of President Donald Trump took place in Asaba, Nigeria, on 30th October, 2020 organised by National Christians for Good Governance led by Bishop Greatman O.G. Nmalagu, the two time Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta state.

The intercessory meeting witnessed a very huge turnout of Christian fathers. The fasting and praying conference were held to intercede for a landslide victory of the God sent President of United States of America, Mr Donald Trump who they acclaimed God has used in fulfilling His prophecy of Jerusalem becoming the capital of Israel.

The president of National Christians for Good Governance; Bishop Greatman in his speech noted that Trump is a protagonist used in this generation to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ globally and make war against terrorism from getting global feat.

He also noted that the incumbent president of US never supported gay marriage, transgender policy and other laws and policies that are at variance to the Gospel of Jesus Christ; the hallmark for love and peaceful life. He thus, pleaded with all Christians and good people in US to support him.

He appealed to Christians to support him in prayers and massively come out on 4th November, 2020 to vote for Mr Donald Trump’s second tenure to enable him continue the good works he began since he assumed as the president of America.

He further said that any Christian in American States who fails to vote for him is certainly a candidate of hellfire because such person that refuses to support Trump is not supporting Jesus Christ as he is standing for truth. Prayers were corporately made for his victory and for peace across the globe. He also used the avenue to plead with the administration of Muhammad Buhari to give an urgent attention to meet the needs of the masses, most especially, Nigerian youths. Failure to create jobs to eradicate poverty, hardship and tackle insecurity in Nigeria will certainly push this Nation into breakup. Tyranny and arresting people that are criticizing the poor leadership we are experiencing in Nigeria will worsen the condition of this nation, he concluded


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