Senibo Chris Finebone

PORT HARCOURT/Nigeria: Former Rivers State All Progressives Congress Publicity Secretary, Senibo Chris Finebone has expressed happiness over the release of 22 Exxonmobil staff by Gov. Wike.

The ex Spokeman of the party in a terse press statement circulate to journalists today said, “I feel happy that the innocent oil workers have regained their freedom from what I consider hostage taking.”

“You see, the governor is not as brave or naïve as people think. He knows when to huff, puff and threaten in front of the camera to rally his base and enjoy momentary applause. And he also knows when the real hammer is about to fall and how to cow, beg, throw in the towel and scamper to safety with style. One day he will tell the real story why he hurriedly released the 22 Exxonmobil staff” Finebone declared.

He dismissed stories going around that eminent persons intervened for their release.

“Forget the story about eminent persons intervening. Okay, can he name those eminent persons who intervened, how they intervened, where and when?” he asked.


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