ASABA/Nigeria: Delta State Commissioner for Information, Mr Charles Aniagwu, has described the resolutions of the Southern Governors’ Forum in Asaba, yesterday as a new dawn for not just Southern Nigeria but the entire country.

Speaking on a current affairs program, This Morning, monitored on TVC on Wednesday, Aniagwu said the meeting of the Southern Governors was a reunion of those who believe in Zikism and Awoism.

According to Aniagwu, the gathering of the leaders to dicuss on how we can make progress aimed at further uniting our country irrespective of their inherent differences was a confirmation that Nigeria would rise above primordial sentiments to a nation where truth, justice and peace shall reign again.

He expressed optimism that the President and other stakeholders would listen to the suggestions made by the Southern Governors in the interest of the unity of the nation following the endorsement by the Southern Senators and House of Representatives Forum.

Aniagwu remarked that the governors’ position on the issues of justice and equity were very clear because what we have today was far from being just and equitable.

“What happened yesterday in Asaba in no distant time will be seen as the “Asaba Accord”. It is the beginning of a new dawn, a new dawn not only for Southern Nigeria, but a new dawn for the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria irrespective of their ethnic inclination or  religious background.

“A situation where governors of different political persuasions, different ethnic and of course different religious inclination were able to come together in one accord which is why I call it the Asaba Accord to discuss on how we can make progress and doing so patriotically, is indeed the birth of a new Nigeria”.

“What they have done is not only to save us from progressing to the precipice but to save and further unite our country and I want to believe that their colleagues in the Northern region will see the need to also reecho the issues very very clearly enunciated by the 17 Governors of the Southern Region with 15 clearly in attendance.”

“Am quite optimistic because they rose far beyond their political, personal and religious considerations to take a look on how we can save our country both in terms of bringing safety back to our people as spelt out in our constitution as the primary responsibility of government in section 14, sub section 2, paragraph (b).

“They were also able to realise that there was the need to come together to save our country from progressing dangerously into disintegration as earlier predicted in time past,”

On how the governors intend to enforce the ban on open grazing, Aniagwu said “It is not just a mere resolution, all the other States that are yet to pass the relevant laws have been asked to go home and enact laws to prosecute the offenders.”

The Information Commissioner said there was the need for a national dialogue because Nigeria had gone past the era when one man would dictate for the entire country.

“Even before now, all ethnic groups have held the position on the need to come to a round table not for the purpose of dismemberment of our country but for the purpose of discussing how we can exist as an entity with all respect to unity, justice, fair play, love and respect for one another.

“Nigeria has gone beyond the era when one person can sit down and think of how to give the other people orders, you will need to discuss how to harness the potentials of the Inherent blessings God has given to us in terms of huge demography and diversity.

“No reasonable Nigerian would want the dismemberment of this country but for it to exist just like the governors captured in the first point of the accord is that we believe in the indivisibility of Nigeria.

“But this must be based on equity and justice which means there is a condition precedent that the condition in which we would continue to enjoy this Nigeria is that all of us are treated as equals, that justice and fair play remains, and without mincing words this administration can be found wanting in that regard and that’s why the President and other Nigerians should take advantage of this timely advise coming from leaders of different political, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

“I am very confident that the governors would stand by their decisions and other Nigerians would also support this Asaba Accord.”

Aniagwu said no reasonable Nigerian would want President Muhammadu Buhari to fail because if he fails, Nigeria has failed and if he succeeds Nigeria has succeeded saying the best we can do is to support him to succeed

“But unfortunately we have had cause to listen to presidential spokespersons who have at best insulted the sensibilities of most Nigerians and sometimes I find it difficult to listen to them.

“Often times when they respond to issues, they do so believing that every other Nigerian should not have any reason or right to disagree with whatever the government has done or with what is happening in the polity but when the President speaks to us as our father we are able to feel what he feels.

“He needs our support to be able to realise whatever good intentions he has for the good of the country, but not where many souls are killed, communities are sacked, individuals are killed on daily basis and not one word from the President as against other climes.

“This is why the decision of the Southern Governors is very timely and we want to believe that their colleagues in the Northern part of the country will also rise up above ethnic, regional consideration and political persuasions to see the need for us to talk about the progress of Nigeria.

“The President needs to rise up and resume duty because it seems he is off duty at the moment. We want a Nigeria where someone can come from any part of the country and make the country function for the good of all of us,” Aniagwu stated.


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