ASABA/Nigeria: The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in Delta State, in a press statement signed by Ifeanyi Michael Osuoza,  State Publicity Secretary, has called on their members who are aspiring to public offices, and their loyalists not to heat up the polity on the social media, as the party in Delta State is one big, united and happy family.

The statement stated that the members of the party and their supporters are one big family.

“The party in Delta State is one big, united and happy family We are proud to say it and claim it with full authority, absolute confidence and unshakable conviction”.

The statement stated that the true saying that party is supreme, cannot be overemphasised, as the party is the home of all, who aspire, subscribe and engage in the electioneering processes.

“Those who are conversant with party politics are only too aware of the doctrine and truism that ‘Party is Supreme’ and the party is the home of all who aspire, subscribe and engage in the electioneering processes of seeking public office”.

“It is also a political fact that every party has a leader who serves as the rallying fulcrum from whom party essence, branding, ideology and strategic mandate implementation devolves”.


It went further to extoled the person of the governor of the state, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, who it described as an undisputed leader and the beacon of governance excellence.

“The Delta State PDP is blessed and eternally grateful to have His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa as our undisputed party leader and the beacon of governance excellence, who has given our party a sense of identity and restored our national relevance and importance in the political space”.

“Governor Ifeanyi Okowa as our party leader has displayed a magnanimity, humility and benevolence in the party that has accommodated and carried everybody along. As a party leader he understands his responsibility as the father of the party and has ensured that the party operates in harmony and all conflict situations are resolved before they become crisis situations”.

“He does not and has never discriminated against anybody but has rather exhibited a warm, humane and fatherly mien towards all irrespective of the circumstance, even to the point of consistently extending the olive branch and warm hand of fellowship to one and all including decampees whom he would dearly love to welcome back to the fold of the party. Governor Okowa has no enemies. He is indeed a good man”.

“Our social media handles and handlers have not only defended our party stoutly and promoted the personalities, programmes and ideologies of our members excellently, they have also taken on the opposition courageously and matched them syllable for syllable, dishing out solid facts in debunking mischievous and misleading propaganda and churning out stories to capture and celebrate the achievements of our party, delivered brilliantly by the dedicated administration of His Excellency, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa”.

The statement while appreciating the efforts of the various social media team, said that they are not unmindful of the activities of those engaged, as some of their actions may not engage in any action that will heat up the polity.

“While we hail the good works of our media teams in their committed effort to showcase and elevate our party, we are also mindful of the very succinct admonition of our leader Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, who at every fora and party gathering has constantly re-echoed the caution that our members should not engage or support any action, activity or strategy that would heat up the polity and cause disharmony and disunity within and amongst the party and our members”.

“This auspicious advise by our leader Governor Okowa to our members against the backdrop of some recent media activities, which may have been inspired by momentous exuberance but which nevertheless qualifies as quite distasteful and detestable, in its attempt to portray a disagreement amongst the very top leadership of our party”.

“We also note, with a twinge of sadness, the unchecked latitude of some social media commentators, who have invoked their affinity to certain party leaders as an authority to malign, insult and peddle untruths and propaganda materials just to satisfy their whims, for mischief making and circulate falsehood and disinformation. In addition, there are also those, who, in this political time also see the social media as an instrument to propagate the interest of these political lords, and so devote hours of their time on the social media attacking opponents of their political masters and interests.

“It is equally imperative to counsel our political leaders seeking to fly the party flags during the forthcoming elections to warn their supporters and social media aides against misinformation and disinformation that is capable of creating a wedge between the governor and leaders of the party and their supporters but should rather focus on the things that will promote the excellent achievements of our governor and leader through the SMART Agenda, foster party harmony and unite our members into one indivisible force ahead of the 2019 elections”.


“We should stop throwing stones at each other, primaries are internal family issue. Whosoever emerges as candidate needs the collaboration of every party member to face the opposition during the general elections. Therefore, all campaigns must be issues-based”.


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