Dr. Braduce Amakazi Angozi Speaking at the Ijaw Consultative Meeting Held in Warri May 22, 2021

WARRI/Nigeria: With the Ijaws coming out in their numbers to attend the first consultative meeting, to set up mechanism to pursue the Delta State Governorship agenda in the 2023 election, a front-line politician, and business morgue, Dr. Braduce Amakazi Angozi, had called on the Ijaws in delta State to be steadfast, and pursue the agenda with dialogue with other ethnic nationalities in the state.

Dr. Angozi made the remark when he spoke with our reporter at the end of the meeting that was held on Saturday, May 22, 2021 in BB Hotel, Warri.

He stated that the project is achievable, and for it to be easily achieved, the Ijaws must follow the principle of dialogue, and be steadfast, focused.

“This goal is achievable, we only have to be focused, and dialogue with our other brothers from the other ethnic nationalities”

He pointed out that to many, it is a very daunting task, but stated that with focus on the objective, mission, and dialogue with other interests’ groups, and ethic nationalities in the state, especially those who are interested in the same mission, it will be easily achieved.

“Its going to be a big task, but not the one that is not surmountable. Will have to continue contact and dialogue, nonstop with those who are interested. There are many groups, we have to get those groups, talk with them, convince them on while we should be the one to produce the next governor of Delta state.”

Speaking further, he pointed out that the Ijaw people had produced, and is still producing the highest economic value to the state, and they are equally qualified to occupy the highest position in the state, starting from 2023.

“The Ijaws in Delta State from the Three Local Governments of the state, have contributed immensely to the economy of the state. We have contributed in terms of human capital and will had contributed to the peace we are enjoying in the state today. Our people have done great things to see to the development of this state since its creation. Its therefore right that we be given the honour to produce the next governor of the state. He stressed.



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