Olorogun David Edevbie

By Dr GodwIn Orhadahwe

ASABA/Nigeria: Universal access to uninterrupted electricity supply is critical to achieving sustainable development, eradication of poverty and improving standard of living.

Empirical studies show that currently, about 65% of the Nigerian population, Deltans included, do not have access to adequate electricity supply.

Undoubtedly, the power crisis will persist if governments at various levels do not adopt available new technologies and power supply models to solve the problem.

This is one of the significant issues David Edevbie wants to address as the next Governor of Delta State.

During his “Meet the Delegates Tour” of the 25 LGAs,  Edevbie assured that his administration would deliver a 500 MW Independent Power Plant (IPP) to provide energy to all parts of Delta State. At the same time, any surplus to requirements will be sold to BEDC and the national grid.

Many Deltans do not know that an 8.5 MW IPP currently exists in Asaba. It has over 25 kilometres of underground cables supplying uninterrupted electricity to the government and other critical infrastructure in the Capital Territory.

The IPP recently commissioned by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was executed with Bastanchury Power Solutions Nigeria Limited. Edevbie midwifed the project and chaired the committee.

Edevbie has assured Deltans that he would replicate the IPP on a larger scale to supply electricity to all Delta communities when given the mandate to govern as Chief Executive.

He can be trusted to achieve it, having executed several power projects in different parts of the world when he worked as an investment manager at the Commonwealth Development Corporation. He clearly has the hands-on technical knowledge and private sector contacts to raise the required funding.

It is especially so as he has identified the provision of adequate power supply as one of the key drivers of his agenda for the state’s industrialisation and modernisation.

Stable power supply is key to industrial development and growth. Investors will be encouraged to develop industrial parks. At the same time, local enterprises will also enjoy a massive boost in productivity with an impact on socio-economic activities, jobs and wealth creation and improved standard of living for the people.

Edevbie’s vision and demonstrated capacity to deliver is what Deltans need at this point of our development to leapfrog the state into the future.

There really can be no debate on this imperative. The modernisation, industrialisation and repositioning of our dear state for development, growth and stronger foundations to face the challenges of tomorrow, which obviously require global exposure and not those who claim to be ‘street smart’.

Therefore, as the Peoples Democratic Party converge on May 21 to choose its flag bearer for the 2023 elections, the party leadership and delegates ought to face facts, remove sentiments and, in good conscience and genuine love for the state, give Deltans David to develop and modernise our dear state with his knowledge, experience, competence and resourcefulness.

The PDP leadership and delegates know that he is the best, and we all ought to be true to ourselves to present our best in the best interest of our state.


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