Deputy President of Senate and Governorship candidate of the APC in Delta State, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege

By Sunday Onyewonsa

Its a general knowledge that the criminal dynasty created by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Delta State at the birth of democracy in the country in 1999 is being subsumed by the new political order that the contemporary electorates have woken up from their disadvantaged slumber to embrace the current realities of changing the status quo ante bellum.

Yes, Deltans have been sleeping since 1999 and that has continually robbed ofe people of the big heart state all dividends that come with good governance encapsulated in visionary leadership that a puritanist/perfectionist, the Deputy Senate President Senator Ovie Omo-Agege who is representing Delta central senatorial district has unquestionably brought to bear in the lives of the people beyond his Senatorial district – the first of his kind in the annals of the political history of the oil-rich state.

As against the clannish, wicked, unforgiving, deleterious, greedy, obessessively clueless, inept, perfidious… executive governor of Delta State, Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa a.ka. governor ego Aria; Senator Omo-Agege has demonstrated statesmanship in his representstive prowess eschewing all negative tendencies that birth evil governance and a never-do-well leadership.

That umbrella party has in no little measure devastated the political landscape of the 31-year-old multi-lingua state, its inherent advantages supposedly of its strong diversity notwithstanding. The state has been under the siege of kleptomaniacs, plunderers, and pot-bellied political merchants who were bequeathed on the state by the military junta.

Having woken up from their deep slumber, deltans have shown readiness to wrest the state from the hyenas and jackals who had held the state hell bound hitherto and the terminal date for the exit of the PDP gangsters is May 29, 2023. This is why the ongoing revolutionary change becomes handy in the spirit and biblical philosophy of the defeat of the Egyptians by the children of Isreal is apt – the Egyptians you see today, you shall see no more.

Same quote applies to the revolutionary change that beckons on our state being pivoted by the Deputy Senate President who is also the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege – the PDP you see today, you shall see no more.

Borrowing the title of a book written by an American author and writer, James Baldwin, “The fire next time” (revolutionary change) shall ravage the stranglehold of the wicked PDP. Deltans are more than ever before with the power of their votes willing to chase out the interlopers from Asaba Government House while Senator Omo-Agege wields the weapon of the EDGE Agenda to dismantle ‘SMART’ rogues from the corridors of power.

The weapon of Empowerment; Development, Good Governance and Employment, EDGE is potent and real, and fortunately, this agenda sends jitters deep down the spines of today’s holders of power in Asaba, the Delta State capital. The trust and belief of the electorates in the EDGE manifesto is the raw deal that will make a mince meat of the Egyptians currently strangulating the fortunes of good governance in the supposedly richest federating unit in subsaharan Africa going by the derivation funds from the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The EDGE manifesto is the peoples’ agenda aimed at ushering in a new dawn in the lives of deltans without consideration for clans, creed, or tribe but for the betterment of all deltans. This is the most beautiful thing that will happen to deltans in the coming months if only the electorates sustain the current momentum in their desire to chase out the champions of SMART agenda.

For too long, the PDP had ridden roughshod on the collective sensibilities of the people giving birth to the chorus of the: PDP you see today, you shall see no more; Agege is coming and with a bang. The new Sheriff in town shall give no room for failure, neither will he create petty thieves in the name of empowerment.

Infrastructure development will be massive, with new structures, while the roads will stop being death traps that have become the ‘golgotha’ where deltans perish in road mishaps every other day.

Education facilities will be given a face-lift while new ones will be built evenly in the local government areas to cater for the growth and development of our leaders of tomorrow who suffer under the PDP to be half-educated under dilapidated structures, flooded classrooms, journeying miles away to gain western education in the 21st century Nigeria.

Under Okowa’s administration, Deltans have suffered untold hardship much more than citizens of poorer states by all standards. In the morbid enterprise of the current administration in Delta State, Okowa’s regime had and still borrowing more than any government in our checkered history even with the enormous revenue accruals to the state owing to the dearth of vision for growth and development but for funding corruption to satisfy the voracious appetite of PDP chieftains in and outside of our state. We have heard rumours of sponsorship of the national PDP campaign structure to pursue the vice-presidential ambition of the Mayor of Owa-Alero and his boss in Asokoro, Abuja and using our commonwealth for personal enrichment.

As it stands today, Delta State has borrowed more than any state in the Niger Delta region without commensurate visible achievements in the life of the state and its citizens.

DSP OMO-AGEGE’s EDGE is armed with the arsenal to deal a morbid blow to mass unemployment through training and Empowerment of the youths and impacted persons in the state to end a regime of the unemployable population who will be productively engaged in trades through genuine skill acquisition and post-training mentorship with soft loans to promote their businesses thereby growing their domestic economy and the wellbeing of the people without let or hindrance.

The Egyptians (PDP) in Delta State Government House have denied our senior citizens their post-service entitlements leaving them to die in penury; good health facilities; good roads; educational facilities; turned the state into headquarters of ‘keke riders; created yahoo mothers’ association; turned the state to poverty capital in Nigeria…will be seen no more May 29, 2023, going forward.

DSP Omo-Agege’s EDGE is coming to replace the lutocratic reign of the SMART rogues who held our state hell bound in abject poverty and despondency – all thanks to the new INEC rules. Deltans in their millions have been speaking through the large crowd that greets Omo-Agege’s ongoing campaign train across the wards and local government areas but the loudest sound shall be heard at the polls in March when they will file out to speak with their PVC in massive votes for the EDGE team.

Under the EDGE administration, deltans shall cry no more, they shall no more wail in wants, life expectancy shall grow, our youths will no more ride rickety ‘keke’, their lives shall be given better meaning, our senior citizens shall not die avoidable deaths, our children shall be trained in conducive environments and tertiary education will be cheaper and affordable to all and the pervasive reign of the cesspit of corruption shall be cut off from our collective memory, the uneducated protege of the SMART rogues shall be denied victory and sent permanently into political oblivion – meaning, the bunch looting our commonwealth shall be seen no more except in their streets or in jail.

DSP Omo-Agege is coming with a bang to chase out the reactionary elements who have found occupation in looting our treasury, cultism will be exterminated from governance in Delta State and the masses of our people will heave sighs of relief.

Governor Omo-Agege will pander to no injustice in the leadership of our state in an all inclusive government where inputs from the political environment shall form the fulcrum of state policies with the fundamentals of democracy respected for the good of all and crime rate will drop to the lowest minimum because he (Omo-Agege) has promised us that the youths shall be meaningfully and favourably engaged in his government and the riverine cloud of poverty hovering over deltans shall be no more victorious and shall no more possess the sky – apology to Jomo Kenyata’s Weep Not My Child.

The PDP we all see today, we shall see no more because we believe deeply in the capacity of the APC’s revolutionary leadership across the board. While President Ahmed Bola Tinubu, will at the top aggressively reengineer a New Nigeria, building on the success of the President Muhammadu Buhari visionary leadership, Omo-Agege in Delta State will dismantle the PDP’s structure of fraud and institute a transparent and accountable leadership in our dear state.

Then, only then shall we click the glasses, pop champagne, and shout uhuru as a brighter future beckons on all deltans nay Nigerians.

Sunday Onyewonsa is the Special Adviser to the Deputy Director General and a member, Media Directorate of the APC Campaign Council, Delta State.




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