Nigerian Police

By Emeka Nwokocha

Delta State Director of the Conference for the Actualisation of Human Rights (CAHR), Comrade Monday Enudi, has cautioned the embattled vice president of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) Prince Kehinde Taiga to desist from making unguided and vindictive statements against the Delta State Commissioner of Police, Hafiz Inuwa.

Comrade Enudi, described the news report in Emerald online platform credited to Taiga, which purportedly called for removal and redeployment of the Delta State Commissioner of Police as infantile and an act of vendetta taken too far.

He wondered why Taiga would want to gain cheap popularity using the media space for the wrong reasons, even as he noted that across the globe, activism is never driven by malice and blind ideologies as in the manner Taiga had presented himself.

Continuing, Enudi said “it is a progressive activism when an activist speaks against the wrongs in a society, but in the case of Taiga’s spiteful call for removal of CP Hafiz Inuwa, it is an obvious form of toxic activism laced with inexplicable hatred and desperateness to malign the hard earned reputation of the Commissioner of Police, an innocent man, unsuspecting of the unprovoked tirade being spewed by Taiga.

He added that Taiga’s mere allegation of wrong doings against CP Hafiz Inuwa without credible proofs, clearly ascribes to him the inglorious appellation as a mischief maker whose stock in trade is to cause societal disharmony.

Continuing, Comrade Enudi said that the issues raised by Taiga against the CP would have earned him a nod of the head if they were facts built on verifiable statistical data. “But no facts was brought forward by Mr. Taiga to embellish his antagonistic accusations; it is all spurious claim that lacks merit,” he stated.

Comrade Enudi, expressed surprise that Taiga would be too desperate to smear the good name of CP Hafiz Inuwa to the extent of calling on him to give account of security votes he had received since he became the Commissioner of Police, even when it is public knowledge that security votes are exclusively managed by the state governor but not the Commissioner of police.

He admonished Mr. Taiga to stop overheating the polity, noting that his vicious disposition to concoct lies and spew them into an already tensed society, occasioned by the EndSARS protests, would only have a boomeranging effect that will do him no good.

He said “after the suspension of the EndSARS protest, the Nigeria police are entering a new phase of policing following the recommended reforms upon which onward rating of policemen in terms of performance and character would be based. Therefore, doing a post EndSARS rating of police operations in Delta state this time by Taiga, and calling for removal of CP Hafiz Inuwa, when the storm created by the EndSARS protest has not been completely doused, can only be described as another but laughable episode of EndSARS protest being championed by Taiga alone.

He further expressed worry that the activities of Taiga in recent times have become rancorous, noting that CAHR would repeal every attempt by Taiga to cause chaos in the society, saying that his benigerent disposition could only be likened to a man that has lost his bearing.


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