ASABA/Nigeria: The Delta State Government has described as mischievous an online publication by one Ochuko Okagbare that the 20 new buses commissioned for Delta Line early this year by the state Governor, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, have all disappeared from the roads.

The state Commissioner for Transport, Mr. Vincent Uduaghan, today May 9, 2019, in Asaba stated that the author displayed his ignorance in the operations of a transport company and in a bid to score cheap points forgot to ask questions before penning his write up.

He said that out of the 20 buses commissioned, 18 are in full operations while 2 are undergoing repairs as a result of accidents, disclosing that 10 additional buses have been added to the fleet since the first set were commissioned.

The Transport Commissioner wondered if the company’s functional old buses should be grounded because they now have new ones stressing that the write up was in bad faith in all ramifications.

According to Mr. Uduaghan, the new buses ply distant routes like Abuja and Lagos and when they are many passengers that the new buses cannot convey, nothing stops the company from deploying buses from the old fleet to take them to their destinations.

He disclosed that when he visited the company’s headquarters today, 4 of the new buses were undergoing routine maintenance calling on the author to take the pains to visit the company’s headquarters in Asaba and the station at Koka junction also in Asaba to see things for himself as it is not possible for the buses to be gathered in a particular place since they ply different routes.

Mr. Uduaghan reminded the writer that there is an agreement between the state government and God is Good Motors so the issue of foul play cannot arise.




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