ABUJA/Nigeria: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain and former Delta State Governorship aspirant, Chief Sunny Okpako Onuesoke welcomed All Progressive Congress (APC) defectors back to the party but caution that their coming back to PDP is not a yard stick for them to get automatic ticket for party or electorate positions in the party.

Onuesoke who made the statement while responding to journalists questions with respect to recent mass defection of lawmakers from ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) to opposition PDP at Abuja Airport reiterated that what played out in the National Assembly on Tuesday did not come to him as a surprise because he was expecting 2014 PDP defectors to come back to the party.

“In my presentation in January, I said PDP will become the majority party in the National Assembly before the primaries.

“What is playing out is a replay of 2014 by same elites and the ruling class then against ex-President Goodluck Jonathan because the same people who decamped on Tuesday where same persons who did it in 2014,” he stated.

The  PDP Chieftain  said the development in the National Assembly was normal in any democratic setting, adding, “The Nigeria Constitution does not stop anybody from moving, as far as it is done within the ambit of the law.”

He urged Nigerians not to lose sleep over the development, saying the situation will eventually correct itself.

“In the true sense of it, democracy is playing out for the fact that you are entitled to any party you wants to decamp to and become a member of such party. The leadership of APC deserves what are they are experiencing right now, ” he stated.



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