Chief Dr. Braduce Amakazi Angozi

By Ogor Emmanuel

ABUJA/Nigeria: As Nigerians mark the 2021 Democracy day, and the first to be celebrated since 1999, Chief Dr. Braduce Amakazi Angozi had greeted Nigerians for the uninterrupted democratic rule in the country for 23 years, while admonishing them to be focused as the much sort democratic dividend is yet to be fully achieved.

In a statement to Nigerians, he stated that despite the hardship, Nigerians have still have to be grateful as democracy is growing, and with patient, the country will soon get it right.

Chief Angozi stated that the June 12, is a remarkable day in the history of Nigeria, which tells the story to processes to return to Civil Rule after the aftermath of the annulment of the June 12 Presidential Election by the military government.

“I congratulate Nigerians for today, as we have gone through 23 years of Democratic Rule in the country. Though much had not been achieved as expected, but with patient and focus, we will get there.”

“Despite the hard hardship experienced by some resent developments, Democratic Rule is a system that good, and we have to help nurture and grow it.”

“Celebrating democracy Day today, June 12, has much memory, as today in 1993, was the Nigerians collectively voted in an election considered to be the most free and fair in the history of Nigerian politics, and was later annulled. This day is day we will remember for a longtime. And we have to remember it by celebrating it. It was a day Nigerians spoke, a day religion or culture was defeated.”

“However, despite what we have achieved, since we returned to Civil Rule, we still have much to do. And we can achieve that which will take us to full Democracy, when we work together, and live as one family.’’ He said.


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