IBADAN/Nigeria: The media and Civil Society Organization and other interest groups in the country have been charged to engage and enlighten the citizens on the process of the ongoing amendment of the 1999 constitution to enable them partake and participate in the process.

This was the thrust of a consultative forum with media and civil society groups organised by Department for International Development programme, Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn, (PERL) on the Nigeria 1999 Constitutional Amendment process.

Journalists drawn from various media organizations and members of civil society organizations across South-West states attended the meeting and they agreed to work together to mobilise the citizens to be part of the exercise.

The meeting was aimed at deepening the already existing relations between the media and civil society to work together on the ongoing constitutional amendment and galvanise the citizens to be involved in the constitutional amendment process.

Participants at the meeting said it has become imperative to motivate the citizens to show interest in the ongoing constitutional amendment, understand the purpose and benefits of the exercise and make their voices count in the process.

According to PERL, the objective of the meeting was to ensure that the media and civil society groups embark on guarantee enlightenment of the citizens on the ongoing constitutional amendment process.

PERL charged the media and CSOs to map out strategies for citizens sensitization so that the people would influence their representatives at the State Houses of Assembly to support and vote for amendment that would bring positive benefits to the citizenry.


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