Executive Director of DICI, Mrs. Rachael Misan-Ruppee (right), Mrs. Ayo Okotie (left), and participants (pupils and students) of the 2021 Summer Fest Skills Training

By Emeka Nwokocha   

Development Initiative for Community Impact (DICI), has rounded off her ‘2021 Summer Fest Skills Training’ for primary, and secondary schools pupils, and students in Warri and environ.

Speaking at the ceremony to wrap up the skills acquisition training, the Executive Director of DICI, Mrs. Rachael Misan-Ruppee, said, “the Summer Fest Skill Training is an initiative of DICI aimed to sharpening the creative skills of children by providing them hands-on training so they could hone their innate skills and become great entrepreneurs in near future.”

Continuing, Misan-Ruppee said, “this year’s Summer Fest skills training was spiced with conferment of awards on four participants (students) that distinguished themselves in various ways during the training sessions. It is a beautiful component of the training that will encourage the students and pupils to take the scheme serious in the coming years.” She continued, “we gave award to the most creative participant, Urunmatse Joshua; Akiri Vwede got an award as most interactive participant; Idenyi Chidubem got an award as most behaved participant; and Aniede Michael got two awards – most punctual and most resourceful participant. The children were excited at the awards and look forward to more impactful training in the coming years.


Cross Section of participants (pupils and students)

In the same vein, the coordinator of the training, Mrs. Ayo Okotie, said that the 2021 Summer Fest Training was designed to expose the pupils and students to benefits of acquiring vocational skills while in their teens. She said, “in drawing up the activities of this year’s training, we considered the negative impact of Covid-19 on the Nigerian economy, then incorporated relevant vocational skills into the scheme so that from tender age, children will acquire skills that will boost their economic power and make them financially independent in future. We expanded the training module to include bead making, leadership skills, public speaking skills, peace building skills, and more, and the training is really impactful.

She said, “in the course of the training, the children displayed zeal to learn and put to practice what they have been taught. So far, some of them have exhibited great skills in the art of bead making, bead stringing, and making of hand fan for people and made money. Just recently, Chidubem landed a small contract to make beads for a customer. In the same vein, Joshua designed and made a hand fan that attracted a customer who had asked him to make hand fans she will use as souvenir at marriage ceremony.”

She continued, “we look forward to increasing the number of participants in 2022, as we pray that Covid-19 would’ve been conquered so there will be no hitch to our expanding the training, otherwise, we would be training the children batch by batch, just to observe the Covid-19 directives.”

Mrs. Ayo Okotie (middle), flanked by miss Paul Chika, president of ‘2021 Summer Fest Training’ (left), and another participant

“DICI is taking the lead in impacting vocational skills to children in Delta state and Nigeria. It is committed to awakening children’s entrepreneurial potentials at their formative years so they would grow up to become ready-made entrepreneurs,’ she stated.

Expressing delight at the scheme, Miss Paul Chika, an SS1 student of Nana Model college, Warri and president of the DICI organized Summer Fest Training 2021, said, “I am excited to be part of the skills acquisition training because it availed me the opportunity to learn the art of bead making, making of head bands, and public speaking.” Continuing, she said, “I look forward to having work tools and materials to hone my skills in bead making, then, when l will come back for another training session next year, my trainers will be shocked at what l have become.” She advised children to set their minds on their goals and work towards achieving them, stating that they would be successful in life.

Beautiful Crafts at the training sessions

In the same vein, Akiri Vwede, JSS3 student of Nana Model college, Warri, said, “l am very happy to win an award as the most interactive participant at the end of the Summer fest training. I will focus on my studies as I look forward to becoming an entrepreneur in future. At the training, I was taught how to operate computer, and other vocational skills.” I advise my friends, and other participants to be focused on their studies and be committed to the training so they could win an award too.”

Urunmatse Joshua, SS1 student of Nana Model college, Warri, said, “I was taught leadership skills, bead making, and how to operate computer. I am excited about the award I won today. It encourages me to be steadfast in any task I am undertaking and never be distracted.” Joshua said he would develop the skills he acquired at the training and make money with them. He added, “I advise my friends to be creative, they should always find productive things to do. I thank DICI for impacting knowledge to us, and giving us the opportunity to learn vocational skills.

Participants adorn and display the crafts they made at the training              

Double award winning Aniede Michael, a JSS3 student of Yonwuren college, Warri, was very excited about the knowledge he gained at the training. He said, “I am happy to be part of this training. I thank DICI for teaching us the art of bead making, including how to operate computer and use it to make text table, write in the tables and do more tasking work.

A parent, Mrs.Ese vwede, commended the Executive Director of DICI, Mrs. Rachael Misan-Ruppee for her contribution to the development of children in the society, saying that the Summer Fest skills training scheme is a rare initiative aimed to sharpening the creative skills of children and improve their productivity in near future. Continuing, she said that the formative years of a child demand proper monitoring, tutoring and counseling, even as she urged the government of the day, the civil society organisations (CSOs), and good spirited Nigerians to borrow a leaf from the children skills development scheme being championed by DICI over the years. She said, “by dint of collective efforts, our children will be properly guided on the right way to achieving great feats in life.”

Executive Director of DICI, Mrs. Rachael Ruppee (left), presenting a certificate to Master Akiri Vwede (right), flanked by his mother, Mrs. Ese Vwede















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