Dr. Braduce Amakazi Angozi

By Ogor Enebeli

One of the best things that can happen to a nation is to have a strong, and healthy population of men and women. With a population strong, and healthy, the social, economic wellbeing of that nation is guaranteed, if well harnessed that society is expected to have geometric growth in all aspect and parameter that will make such a state or community to grow with positive evidences.

In the race for a New Delta, to ensure that the gains already achieved in the last 30 years after the creation of Delta State, it’s expected that as we approach the 2023 election year, Deltans will be thinking, and believing that a man of truth, a man that will utilize the potentials of the available Human Capital Development of the state becomes the next governor, after the current Governor, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa. As it’s well known, Delta State is one of the states in Nigeria that have swarms of youth, with well-developed skills and talents. This is well documented in the areas of entertainments, businesses, entrepreneurship, sports, and administration.

As we race to 2023, one man who the cap fits in the new Delta Dream is one with love for humanity, especially the youths and indigents. A man who have the heart to smell where attention will be needed to solve a problem at anytime. A man who have the heart of love, a well bred philanthropist.

That man is Dr. Braduce Amakazi Angozi, a lover of the youths, and those who desires to show their potentials, a man who gives encouragement to those who have the potential to excel. Dr. Angozi have over the years established personal relationship with youths across the state, that even within the various academic communities in the country, the name Dr. Braduce Amakazi Angozi is synonymous with youths welfare, and development. This also applies across the wards, and communities in the state, as many youth organisations had keyed into his dream to govern the state.

An Ijaw born politician and industrialist Born in 1960, he attended the prestigious University of Benin, Benin city, where he studied Public Administration with additional Bachelor and Master, (BPA and MPA). He later obtained a Doctorate Degree in Strategic Studies, at Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma.

Dr Braduce Amakazi Angozi, has occupied various public offices, starting as a Councilor, later elected Chairman of Burutu LGA. During the days of the second civilian Governor of the state, Chief James Onanefe Ibori, he got appointed as Commissioner of Agriculture, Delta State, where he revolutionaries agricultural inputs to farmers, through soft loans to boost their farming activities.

He was a member of the board of the Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa. In 2011 he attempted the governorship ticket under the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, with then incumbent Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan and was first runner up.

In the line of his duty as a public officer, he had shown love to the Nigerian youths through his educational empowerment programmes, as a Public Administrator Student, and a Strategist, his political dream is to see the upliftment of the youths in the society through educational sponsorship, skill acquisition training, and financial assistant to the indigents.

Dr. Angozi, is one man in the political arena of Delta State who believes that continuous interaction, and bonding with the youths is one thing that cannot be wished away, as there are a lot of good thing about the youths, especially as one who started his political carrier from that age that is considered youthfulness.

To prove its relationship and love for youths, it’s on record, that while serving as the Executive Chairman of Burutu Local Government Area, between 1999-2003, he demonstrated his desires to see that the youths of the area receive the educational assistance they can get, especially in an area where the livelihood of the people were subsistence farming, and fishing. But despite the economic drive of the parents, they could not meet up due to the facts that the lands and waters which they cultivate and fish had been degraded from the operations of oil exploration.

During this period, Dr. Braduce Amakazi Angozi implemented a policy where students of the area not only received scholarship, but also bursary to assist them in their academic works. This action to the youths of Burutu, was also extended to those schooling outside the shores of the country. This was not less a great achievement as a local government chairman.

He also took special interests of students who were studying professional courses, and assisted them in their school fees.

Outside schools fees, bursary and scholarship, Dr. Angozi was also particular on other areas in the lives of the youths, who had indicated interest to undergo training that will give them economic power. As an LGA chairman, his youth empowerment programme was the best in the state, this attests to what you see today, with youths always around, and with him, to promote, and help drive the success of any of his programme because of his longtime policy to build the youth, which he knows is the bedrock of a successful society.

As pointed out by one of his very close Aide, Dr. Braduce Amakazi Angozi, “Is a man that loves youth, and he always have a place for them in his programme, as he strive to see they are always empowered.”

To continue the development of Delta State from May 29, 2023, the electorates, will be expecting nothing less than the person of Dr. Braduce Amakazi Angozi. A man who will drive development through innovation, and strategic planning, and implementation of policies that will not only sustain our today achievement, but will plan for our tomorrow.


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