Aspirant To The Ndokwa East State Constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly, Engr Philip Ugbomah

By Martina Egobuike-Enebeli

ASABA/Nigeria: A frontrunner for the Ndokwa East State Constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly, Engr Philip Ugbomah had express his joy on his successful screening to contest the available seat for Ndokwa East in the 2023 State Assembly Election, promising his people he will not abandon them as he feels their pains.

The aspirant stated this immediately after he was screened on Wednesday April 27, 2022 in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, State Secretariat, Asaba.

He called on the people of Ndokwa East to come out and support him, especially the delegates who are to select the candidate through voting, saying he had sort the face of  God, who created him, consulted with his family, the leadership of the party, the party structure, and leadership of the party at all levels.

“I have sorted the face of God, that of my immediate family and extended family and I haven sorted out the rigorous process of consultation among the leaders, from ward one to ten, and our Party structure, the compulsory, working committee both at the LGA and, the ward level, and in extension leadership of political Affiliates all over the state.” He said.

He stated that he is in the race to end the era of complains in the area, as they had complained much, and as such he want to work for the growth of the people and the area, as he is passionate to work.

“I am in this race for just one reason because I believe that we have complained so much and the time has come, for me to humbly work on the pedestrian, personal growth, along sides forcing out success when there is no hope. I am just like you. For every situation, you find yourself today, for those problems you solved, for those yet to be solved all those concerns that you have. As a person, as a unit, as a ward, as an LGA, as a community, as a clan in Ndokwa east, whatever situation that has befallen us all. I am part of you. I am passionate to see to the improvement of lives in our area.

“I am elated and I know that there is possible solutions going forward and as a block together, I am appealing to you, to vote for me, Philip Ugbomah because, the coasts is clear, Ndokwa east is a peculiar local government? That has distinctive one needs.”

“Once again, I appeal to the youthful body strength, among the delegates of Ndokwa East, by the Grace of God, I am within the youthful Brackets, I want to appeal to you, that amongst those who are vying for the nomination in our party, the PDP to represent our Local Government Area, Engr Phillip Ugbomah Stand tall. Send Me”

He reminded them that he is one of them as a person from the area, and a youth from the same area, who was born, lived attended primary and secondary school in the area.

“If my judgements are rights. Who is Engr Phillip Ugbomah?  One of your own, who began, also, the way all of you began life. Born within our village, lived within our village. Had both primary and secondary school within our village left, the village for tertiary education and came back.”

He further called on the youths to avoid crimes and other social vices as it’s not the trend for a better tomorrow or for now.

“It bothers me when people try to eulogise, non grata, inefficiency, inability to see what trends in today’s life represents as an excuse. For taking to crime, taking to indecency, immodesty, approaching life as if it doesn’t happen today, we will die.”

“Wisdom, the Bible said is brought to profitable to direct, events of life, trends of life at this 21st century encourages us to understand that, life now is all about service, it’s all  about what you have to sell, Investments be it in the IT, it  is all centered on the ability or the markets for which any of us as fellow actors, have to sell and we must do away with some of the old things for us to be successful.




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