Labour Party Candidate for Oshimili South Constituency at the DTHA, Comrade Clem Odukwe (left), with Mr. Peter Obi, Presidential Candidate of Labour Party, at the "explosive" Asaba Campaign Rally, Recently

By Emeka Nwokocha

Famous advocate of good governance in Delta State and Secretary of Movement for Democracy and Good Governance (MDG), Comrade Clement Aliandu, has passionately called on the people of Oshimili South Constituency to vote en masse for Comrade Clement Chukwudi Odukwe in the forthcoming Delta State House of Assembly election, stating that only a credible and competent personality could defend the people’s rights at the Delta State House of Assembly, DTHA, and attract dividends of democracy to the people.

Comrade Aliandu made the call recently in Asaba while fielding questions from journalists on the compelling need to improve the wellbeing of the people of Oshimili South Constituency through impactful representation at the DTHA, noting that the relics of poor representation currently dot the nook and cranny of Oshimili South Constituency.

Lamenting the poor representation of the people of Oshimili South Constituency at the Delta State House of Assembly, Aliandu said the ugly regime of incompetence must be halted in the coming political dispensation, through massive votes for Comrade Clement Odukwe to competently represent the people of Oshimili South Constituency at the DTHA.

Speaking further, Aliandu described Comrade Clement Odukwe as a grassroots politician and vibrant personality with a knack for good governance, adding that his selfless service for humanity is unrivalled.

He said, “Comrade Odukwe is a young man imbued with a sense of humility, gifted with novel ideas and innovations, with verifiable record of transparency, patriotism, competency and sagacity. He is indeed most suitable for the arduous task of representing and defending the rights of the people of Oshimili South Constituency at the DTHA.”

Comrade Aliandu added, “In recent times there has been consistent clamour for credible and competent persons to ‘take over’ the affairs of the Delta State House of Assembly in the next political dispensation, to ensure Deltans enjoy dividends of democracy enabled by good governance.

“Interestingly, Comrade Clement Odukwe, the Labour Party candidate for Oshimili South Constituency is unquestionably, a credible, intelligent and competent young Deltan that has the firm voice and courage to change the ugly face of governance in the state by commiting to the ethics and norms of legislative duties, and defending the inalienable rights of the people to good governance.”

He continued, “The commitment the young man (Clement Odukwe) has brought into the contest is awesome – it’s an obvious indication of better things to happen to the people of Oshimii South Constituency, when he eventually emerges winner at the polls.

“Such commitment is very rare within our political setting. I strongly commend him for broaching this great vision. I advise the good people of Oshimii South Constituency not to be cajoled by anybody but come out en masse and sincerely vote for their son and right candidate, Comrade Clement Odukwe, a humane personality of enviable pedigree, and ardent advocate of good governance driven by selfless leadership and candour.”

“The people of Oshimili South Constituency must take a definitive stand and extricate themselves from the labyrinth of poor representation,” he added.


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