DSP Ovie Omo-Agege


By Emeka Nwokocha

Human Rights activist and Delta State Director of The Conference for the Actualisation of Human Rights (CAHR), Comrade Monday Enudi, has congratulated the Deputy Speaker of the Senate, DSP Ovie Omo-Agege on the occasion of his birthday, on  3 August.

Appraising his laudable performance at the Red Chamber, Enudi poured accolades on DSP Omo-Agege, extolling his unbendable courage, forthrightness, doggedness and diligence in providing exemplary leadership for his constituents over the years.

He said, “the Deputy Speakers commitment to selfless leadership has elevated the standard of governance in Delta State and Nigeria.

Comrade Monday Enudi

“His exemplary leadership has steadily restored the people’s confidence on public officers, just as it has become a model for upcoming political leaders to prioritize the people’s needs, and commit to the development of the society.”

Describing DSP Omo-Agege as a staunch politician with unwavering determination to add value to the chequered Nigerian democracy, Enudi said, “his strength lies in his ability to jettison clanish politics and embrace the ethos of unity as the fulcrum of a progressive and unified society.

He added, “DSP Omo-Agege is a leader of rare intellection and a political colossus who has paid his dues in the country’s political firmament and solidly parades an enviable charisma deserving the respect of all and sundry across party lines.

He further noted, “DSP Omo-Agege’s selfless service to his people is spiced by his numerous accomplishments in personal and public life, a virtue that stands him out as a great achiever and trailblazer of international reckoning.”

Comrade Enudi prayed to Almighty God to fruition DSP Omo-Agege’s vision for Delta State in 2023, stating that when Omo-Agege is fully in charge of the affairs of Osadebe House in 2013, there will be a revolutionary change in the governance of Delta State with attendant immeasurable improvement in the livelihood of Deltans across the nook and cranny of the state.


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