Olorogun (Barr.) Kenneth Gbagi

By Possible Ogheneseruo

The jostling and bustling in the country as the 2023 draws closer for the next general elections is indescribable. Before now, some of the intending contestants have started some underground works. Some have started real consultations. These set of intending candidates consulted all the notable politicians and king makers in the state.

However, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country diverted attention of all and sundries to how to eradicate the dreaded disease that is staring the whole world on the face. For now, nobody is thinking of election again except only the intending contestants that are still nursing the idea greatly.

Moreover, the pandemic will soon end and by the time it ends, the political bustling and jostling will resurface again. The politicians and political godfathers know the senatorial district that is producing the next Governor in the state. Although, different schools of thought have argued that the zoning was not documented and as such   not back up by law, rather it was gentleman agreement among the political godfathers. Well, whether it is Jonah that swallowed the fish or it was the fish that swallowed Jonah, it is immaterial. The most important thing is that, there was a swallowed. Therefore, since the gentleman agreement has been able to ensure peace in the state, it remains sealed agreement.  Without doubt, by 2023 it will be the turn of Delta Central Senatorial District. The politicians in the area are not unaware of this, hence they have stormed the political scene in the state. They are the ones who have charged the political environment in the state. The political scene has been saturated by side talks from Deltans on who and who will be anointed for the governorship when the time comes.

Those who have started consultations and mosquitoes campaigns among others from Delta Central are Olorogun (Barr.) Kenneth Gbagi, Mr. Edevbie, Chief of Staff Government House, Honourable Oborevwori, Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Mr. Mrakpor, Commissioner for Justice and  Senator Ovie Omoagege, Deputy Speaker, National Assembly.

Among all these men of timbre and calibres, one man stands out among all as a long serving party man, wealthy man and great industrialist. This man is Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi. There is a popular adage which says”To whom the cap fits, let him wears it”.

Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi has all the necessary qualities that Deltans need in a governor. Olorogun Gbagi has been rated number one among all those nursing the governorship ambition in the state.

Olorogun Gbagi started his consultations last year and various persons consulted gave their blessings. For instance, in one of his visits to the traditional rulers in Urhobo, the oldest traditional ruler of over 104 years,   prayed that any politician who wants to stand on Gbagi’s ways or be a stumbling block to him come 2023, will give way. The traditional rulers unanimously prayed that Gbagi should go and occupy the governorship seat come 2023. This is a unique and unprecedented prayer that foreclosed and forbids any other true Urhobo’s son and daughter from the contest.

In the same vein, the Olu of Warri was quoted as saying that “I don’t personally know this man, Gbagi. But everywhere I go to, Deco road, he has a shopping mall that brings food, businesses to over 3000 dwellers of the state. I am going to the airport I see another massive plaza, the two biggest in the state, bringing food and development to the state.”

“I turned and look at my right, I see a Five Star Hotel, I see a Cinema building, brought by this same man with his personal money. My take is that by the Grace of God if this man becomes Governor come 2023, the State will see development like they have never seen before, just the same way it is happening today in Okowa’s regime. This man established in his short one year as a Minister of Education, 13 Federal Universities, 14 Polytechnics and 16 Colleges of education, the first of its kind, making President Goodluck Jonathan to nick named him ‘a Professor of Genius’.”

It is unthinkable that one individual can excel industrially, materially, monetarily and politically with such a speed as can be compared to former NAFDAC Director, Late Prof. Mrs Dora Akunyili.

The former Minister for Education is man that no man has been able to finger on the side of wrong doings or corruption that have become associated and synonymous with some public officers in Nigeria.

Gbagi becoming the governor of Delta State will change the narrative in the area of establishment and development of industries in Delta State just like Governor Ifeanyi Okowa changed the narrative in the area of road construction.

Olorogun Gbagi is a renowned industrialist. Okowa, has attended to all road issues, let us give Gbagi the chance to attend to all our ailing industries such as African Timbre & Plywood, Asaba Textile Mill, Delta Glass, Ughelli among others. Being a born industrialist, he will attract different industries into the state. When this happens, the hustle and struggle for civil service jobs by our youths will be deduced drastically.

It is therefore, my humble submission, that our amiable Governor Okowa  in his developmental stride and  quest to further develop the State, continues to work with Olorogun Gbagi as he has always done to ensure he produce a prototype of himself, somebody he can rely on for the continuous development of the state in all ramifications.

Finally, since the entire world are saying, this is the best man for the job, Deltans must embrace this rare gem to tow the developmental stride of our Ekweume.


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