By Anna Luke

LAGOS/Nigeria: GROHE had introduced a New generation of rainshowers, GROHE Rainshower 310 2-Jet head showers for stylish bathrooms

The new rainshower has a Perfect combination with GROHE SmartControl Concealed, and Cosmopolitan Premium design in different variants

While some types of shower gently caress the skin like a summer rain, others give an invigorating massage. The new GROHE Rainshower 310 2-Jet showers combine the best of both worlds for a thoroughly satisfying shower every time.

The juxtaposition of an extra-large shower head with a slender shower arm introduces an exciting design language into the bathroom. Available in round or square options, and sporting a minimalist design that promises an exceptional water experience, these showers will harmonise perfectly with any modern bathroom design. The luxurious new showers are manufactured at the GROHE plant in Lahr, Germany.

Double the pleasure

The Rainshower 310 2-Jet showers use a special spray face to double the pleasure of showering. Oval water outlets arranged in a star-shaped pattern at the centre of the spray face generate a vigorous massage jet. They are surrounded by an arrangement of nozzles producing a much more gentle PureRain spray. This means users can choose between a concentrated jet to loosen up tense muscles or rinse shampoo out of their hair and a rain shower softly enveloping their body. The shower can be energising and invigorating or soothing and relaxing ,  it can also be combined with  the two modes into a deeply satisfying shower session. To simplify switching between the different shower functions and combining them, GROHE offers the new SmartControl Concealed units featuring an intuitive push-and-turn button technology. The SmartControl concept allows operation of the 2-Jet head showers plus a hand shower from a single concealed element. Cleaning the shower face is just as easy; the SpeedClean design of the silicone nozzles means that limescale can simply be wiped off.

An eye-catcher in the bathroom

Their size alone gives the round and square-shaped GROHE Rainshower 310 2-Jet showers a commanding presence in the bathroom. Yet despite their 310mm diameter, or edge length in the square option, the showers never feel obtrusive. This is thanks to their low-profile body and uniquely streamlined silhouette. The beautifully slim shower arm comes with a matching round or square wall rosette. The new showers are optimally paired with the new SmartControl Concealed units, whose depth of only 43mm ensures minimum intrusion into the shower, leaving maximum room to move around. The shower faces and the SmartControl units are available in chrome and white, allowing for perfect harmony with the rest of the bathroom décor. Design-coordinated hand showers and other water fittings are available in the extensive range of bathroom products from GROHE, the brand that is synonymous with flexibility in bathroom design and fully personalised shower experiences


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