Hon. Anthony Nnajiuba
Hon. Anthony Nnajiuba

By Emeka Nwokocha

ln this era of obvious dearth in men and women of humble character and nobility in the chequred Nigerian society, a mention of a cerebral personality, Hon. Anthony Nnajiuba inspires hope and reinforces the perception that good men still live around us.

Hon. Nnajiuba fits well into the class of the finest crop of distinguished Nigerians that evoke respect and dignity in the country and beyond. Small wonder the glittering tapestry of his humility, patriotism and uncommon generosity continually stand him out as a man of humble parentage.
Journeying the dept of the reservoir of his bouquet of honours, Hon. Nnajiuba simply symbolises modesty, honesty, and prosperity. When he set out on his journey for total conquest of the business world with a knack for excellence, nobody was in the position to fathom the magnificence of his brilliance buoyed by modest ambition to ride on the pedestal of greatness.

His journey to stardom, began with his formative years as a young school boy through the arduous years of apprenticeship, climaxing in an outstanding magnate he has become in recent times.

On a modest note, Hon. Nnajiuba is a likeable fellow, remarkably humane and distinctively patriotic with an enviable carriage of nobility. I liken him to an eagle that takes pleasure in flying directly into the rage of stormy thunder and rises above its frightful dangers. ln fact he is a great man of the Churchillian clout. 

Hon. Nnajiuba is a successful business man, a rare gem inbued with top-notch business acumen. His brand of creativity and honed expertise illuminate the business community at a very significant note.

At the social front, Hon. Nnajiuba weighs in as an advocate of social justice who deploys his repertoire of knowledge, nurtured etiquette and resources to advance humanity. He is an embodiment of knowledge with uncommon passion for the things that elevate humanity and markedly etching his name on the marble of social service.

At the political front, he is a staunch advocate of good governance, prudent management of public wealth and a stoic campaigner of modest democratic ethos. In addition, he is an ardent advocate of peace, and passionately promotes equality in the affairs of men, and often times, deploys solutions to communal fray with distinctive philosophical mien.

Hon. Nnajiuba is a philanthropist of high repute, a liberal man with a good sense of humour. l am proud of his charismatic disposition and unparalleled benevolence that have earned him numerous encomiums, appellations and distinguished awards over the years. He prides himself in honour and wouldn’t only disapprove of atrocities committed by country men of today, but has a remarkable capacity and bout of integrity for not letting them thrive.

Gifted with heart of gold, Hon. Nnajiuba does not thrive on the inadequacy of others, but creates an environment of hope, goodwill and communal integration sine qua non for unfettered socioeconomic, political and infrastructural growth of his community, Imo State and Nigeria at large.

At close watch, one cannot but agree that Hon. Nnajiuba is an enigma of some sort who would pointedly speak boldly and act boldly when the good way prevails in the state, and would act boldly and speak softly when the state has lost the way.
As a die-hard patriot, he is indeed shoring up the image and prestige of Ndigbo by creating much sought after values. No doubt, Hon. Nnajiuba has the intellectual depth, magic wand, self-discipline and ideological clarity needed to trumpet the intellectual endowment of Ndigbo and outpace dissenting voices against the lgbo race in the contemporary Nigerian political firmament.

In a nutshell, Hon. Nnajiuba’s accomplishments as a frontline entrepreneur coupled with his remarkable quest for elevation of humanity will remain indelibly etched in public consciousness.
The good people of Imo state and indeed, Igbo nation will continue to reap from his wealth of knowledge as he charts the frontiers of knowledge, innovation, racial equality, and shaping the peoples’ future.

l doff my priestly heart for Hon. Anthony Nnajiuba, a quintessential man of honour !

Emeka Nwokocha, journalist, writes from Warri.


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