Comrade Emeka Nwokocha

By Galaxy Imanmadu

Intrepid human rights activists and Executive Director of Global Action Against Hunger, Crime and Violation of Peoples’ Rights (GAHCAVPER), Comrade Emeka Nwokocha, has called on the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, and the 36 states governors to cushion rising hunger in Nigeria, saying hunger could cause a revolution in the country if the politicians saddled with responsibility of governance continue to feign ignorance of the worsening hardship poor Nigerians contend with everyday.

Comrade Nwokocha made the statement recently in Warri, while lamenting high cost of living in the country, even as he blamed the Nigerian political leaders for the economic woes and worsening starvation afflicting the citizens in recent times.

He said, “it is worrisome to note that those at the helm of governance play ostrich in the face of excruciating hardship ravaging the society like a wild fire. All over the country, the citizens are confronted with poverty, just as cost of living is inexplicably high to the extent that harpless citizens can no longer cope with the horrible situation.”

He continued, “Nigerians are going through hard and perilous times; millions of families cannot feed their children because they cannot cope with the astronomical rise in prices of foodstuffs. Everyday, Nigerians go to bed without food in their belly; they live in forlorn hope because the leaders are wicked, greedy, selfish, very corrupt. Nigerian political leaders have penchant for perpetuating hardship in the country because their stock in trade is looting public funds, overheating the polity with obnoxious policies, and subjecting the poor citizens to perpetual slavery, wretchedness and destitution.”

Comrade Nwokocha expressed worry about the nonchalant posturing of Nigerian political leaders towards the plight of the citizens, saying, “I am worried about the nonchalant attitude of Nigerian leaders towards the wellbeing of the citizens; such unpatriotic disposition portends grave danger for the country, and the consequences will be very huge.”

Whilst tasking the political leaders on good leadership, Comrade Nwokocha said, “in our peculiar state of hopelessness, hunger could ignite a calamity in the country when the suffering masses will no longer tolerate the hardship and heightened insensitivity of the government of the day to the deplorable living standard of the citizens.”

He continued, “it must be reiterated that the increasing hardship across the country is becoming intolerable and if not tackled with utmost seriousness, sincerity and tenacity, Nigerians will be compelled to call their leaders to question, and that will create undue tension that may cause an implosion in the country.”

The rights activist stated that the government of the day has flagrantly demonstrated that the welfare of the citizens is not a priority, noting that suffering and deprivation have become the order of the day in the country.

He queried, “why would Nigerians suffer untold hardship in the midst of plenty while the political leaders live like lords, and flaunt their ill-gotten wealth in most annoying and despicable manner, and at the detriment of the citizens now wallowing in abject poverty, lamentable destitution and abominable servitude?” Can’t the governments invest in tech-driven agriculture like proactive and ingenious leaders the wold over have done in recent years, to be able to produce enough food for the bursting population of Nigeria, crash the prices of foodstuffs, and tackle bitting starvation?”

Continuing, Comrade Nwokocha noted that the primary purpose of government is security and welfare of the citizens, but wondered why the political leaders would derive pleasure in maltreating the citizens and making live unbearable for them, just to satiate their (political leaders) rapacious quest for material possession.

He called on the political leaders to have a rethink now and beat a detour from the inglorious road to perdition the country is being headed.

His words, “Nigerian political leaders must jettison the warped and callous midset they bring into governance because it promotes greed, self-aggrandizement, and corruption, being the root cause of glaring underdevelopment in Nigeria. I charge them to focus on the welfare of the citizens because that is the reason they were elected to pilot the affairs of government, but not otherwise.”

He further stated, “it is alarming that Nigeria is the largest producer of crude oil in Africa, including gas, but despite these money spinning resources, the citizens live in perpetual lack and despair. I passionately call on Nigerian political leaders to deliver dividends of democracy to the citizens to ameliorate their suffering.

“Nigeria has what it takes to stand out as a great nation, but only good leadership can make the country take its pride of place among community of nations in Africa and the world at large.”


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