By Sunny  Onuesoke

This eye soar treatment of Muktar Ramalan Yero and others reportedly by the EFCC is, to say the least, unconstitutional, illegal, unlawful. It is against the sacred doctrine of innocence enshrined both in the Nigerian Constitution and the Shari’ah (See Section 36 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999). It is a clear violation of the right to dignity of human person provided by and under Section 34 of the Constitution. It is an indication that Nigeria is gradually descending into a state of anarchy and dictatorship.

Corruption is a disease that threatens Nigeria which must be fought. But this is not fighting corruption. It is naked persecution, pure and simple. EFFC is fast becoming a lawless institution and our judiciary must step up efforts to enforce Constitutionalism. I advise Ramalan Yero and others who might have suffered this treatment to file a suit for the enforcement of their constitutional and statutory right.

I urge every well meaning Nigerian to oppose this kind of degrading treatment, condemn it and speak up against it. Don’t be complacent! If you think it is Ramalan Yero today and so there is no problem or it is happening under PMB and you trust him, then, you have missed the whole point. The point is that if we allow this government to violate the law with impunity in this manner because PMB is in power and we trust him, that will give any other government that may come later to do worse and their intention may not be pure. Besides, the law must obeyed regardless of circumstances.

This treatment is worthy of condemnation and I do condemn it in the strongest possible terms! I urge you to do so too.




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