Adandiigbo Cultural pageant

OWERRI/Nigeria: The Adandiigbo Cultural pageant has called out to Politicians, and Nigerians in general to let peace reign in the country, staying it is sad that people derive joy in hatching plans that result in great loss of lives and assets not minding the fact that Man’s life is irreplaceable.

“Someone is paying for these guns, helicopters and manpower to embark on these murderous schemes, so is someone paying for these invasions of public properties and attacks on our security agents.”

Speaking at a press briefing at the adandiigbo headquarters , Mazi Anele pointed out that, “We as a people can coexist peacefully without nepotism , greed or bloodshed , nobody would die with material possession and we all have less than a hundred years on mother Earth, so why hurry the future leaders to their early graves ?.

“In recent months , the south east has been besieged by unknown gun men burning police stations and engaging in heinous crimes despite the setup of a vigilante group Ebubedike  by the south East governor’s  and the heavy presence  of armed security personnel.” He said.



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