By Stella Odika

WARRI/Nigeria: Leaders have been charged to be strategic in planning, execution and implementation, and also to have financial integrity.
This was stated by Mr. Obot Obot, President, Casor Alumni Fellowship (Graduate Fellowship) Warri, at the Centre LSD school, in partnership with Value Rebirth and Empowerment Initiative, Effurun Warri Study Centre on “Leadership and Strategy, and Financial Management” at Heartland Hotel, Effurun, Delta State.
He said a leader must be strategic in setting directions and objectives, designing value offerings that address challenges and needs of the served, such as the consumers, customers and citizens, activating strategic coordination, as well as developing an appropriate structure.
In defining strategy, Mr. Obot said, “it is how we intend to interact with the service and competitive environment to achieve our purpose, goals and objectives, adding that, the optimal approach to strategy is to focus on the present, while creating the future”.
He further stated that as a strategist must be proactive and always have an alternative plan, and also develop others that can effectively work in their absence, as there is no true leader without a successor, stressing that, unclear strategy, poor strategic thinking, risk management incompetence, inadequate communication and coordination, etc are some of the reasons why strategy fails.
Also speaking on “Leadership and Financial Management” Mr Obot, said financial management is how money is got and spend to run the affairs of an organisation, institution or family, saying that a good leader must have financial integrity and always stick to budget.
He maintained that, that leaders, one of the ways to manage money, is to  watch their consumption, community service, savings and investment, adding that, strategic investment is  the key to help make money work in thefuture, and that people can monitor their money or investment through reports, news, risk view and watch portfolio.


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