KOKO/Nigeria: Chevron Nigerian Limited, (CNL), had been accused of using the Nigerian weak environmental law and policy to cheat the country through his operations, as they are deliberately exploiting the people for profits against the safety of the environment where they are making money.

Making the observation over the weekend, at Koko, Warri North Local government Area of Delta State Comrade Mulade Sheriff, an Environmental and Social Advocate  said he is worried about the fire outbreak at Opuekeba Flow-station wellhead, as it’s affecting the safety and economic wellbeing of the people of the area.

“It is regrettable and debilitating to see IOCs carry out environmentally destructive oil and gas exploration and related activities in the Niger Delta region, where they are deliberately exploiting the people for profits against the safety of the environment where they are making money from, as they always take advantage of Nigeria’s weak environmental policies and bad governance to continually ruin the region’s ecosystem.”

Comrade Mulade also called for prompt action that would end the neglect of the environment by Federal and State Governments.

“The weak policy on environment by the government has giving impetus to oil companies to destroy our sources of livelihood and survival, it is out of place for the people to suffer various forms of hardship and deprivation, while the few in power and the oil business people who should speak against these vices, keep mute because they have their interests to protect.”

As a human rights crusader, l owe the citizens the duty to fight for objective policies, saying that we must rise above sentiments and fight against this neglect which our unborn generations would inherit and may wonder what their forbears did to protect their God-given habitats.”

Using the occasion to access the effect of the raging fire out break at

The Niger Delta born environmentalist and peace advocate, called on American oil giant Chevron Nigeria Limited CNL, to act now for the safety of people in the host Communities and their neighbours.

Comrade Mulade noted that people in Tsekelewo, Opuama communities and their environs are in grave danger of losing their homes and environment to the avoidable fire outbreak from Chevron oil well head which, according to him, has degenerated into destructive and life threatening incidents.

He tasked the multinational oil company to adopt and adhere strictly to international environment best practices and put out the fire urgently to save the people from terminal diseases


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