ISELE-UKU/Nigeria: The leader of the Aniocha North Legislative Arm, Delta State, Hon. Ekene Francis Nwaonye has dismissed his alleged impeachment, saying it is illegal, void and of no effect.

He stated this while reacting to the news of his alleged impeachment, adding that such is laughable.

Nwaonye urged the people of Aniocha North and indeed the people of Delta State to disregard the news, adding that what happened in Aniocha North on Friday, 9th May 2019 was a crass display of rascality by a few disgruntled colleagues whom he noted have constituted themselves as clogs in the wheel of development of the Local Government Area.

The leader, however, disclosed that these elements in the Legislative Arm of the Local Government are known for their love for illegality and said that the Legislative Arm which he heads was duly constituted by Law; maintaining that it is clear and well stipulated on how a leader can be removed.

He further revealed that the Delta State Local Government Law 2013 as amended stipulates that the leader shall be deemed to be removed upon the concordance of two-third majority of all the members of the Legislative Arm.

Hon. Nwaonye said that whereby the movers and sponsors of the alleged impeachment could only gather eight Councillors, the Law requires at least 10 of the 14 elected Councillors.

“I am not in any way afraid of impeachment, for the fact that every one of us is entitled to the position, but one thing remains that we are sticklers to the Law and due process. Whatever that is being done, must be done in line with due process and the Law.

They are plotting for the impeachment of the leader, but they should follow due process and nobody will question them,” he stated.

He also revealed that as the leader of the Legislative Arm, the Delta State Commissioner of Police in conjunction with other security agencies, after the initial controversy in the local government sent a team of security officials to Aniocha North last year and handed over the symbol of Authority of the Aniocha North Legislative Arm under his custody and safety, adding that as at today, the mace is still under his care and wondered how they took such a sensitive decision without the mace, which he noted is the symbol of Authority of the house.

“You cannot sit and come up with any reasonable and legal document without the mace and without the leader or deputy leader presiding over such sitting, he said.

He therefore affirmed that the leadership of the Legislative Arm of Aniocha North Local Government council  remains unchanged until the constitutional requirements to so do are met.



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