WARRI/Nigeria: Nigerians, especially the leaders had been called to cultivate good habits, and be visionaries in their activities, in order to move the country towards the universal norms of development, as such are the wheel to a great nation.

“Developing oneself, accepting responsibility, organises around a purpose, reflecting before deciding and prioritizing by dealing with first thing first as been mentioned as some of the core habits of a leader”.
This was stated by Pst. Israel Etim at the Centre LSD Leadership School in partnership with Value Rebirth and Empowerment Initiative, Effurun-Warri study centre on “Leadership and Habits” at PTI conference  centre Effurun, Delta State.

He said a leader must have a good habit to set the pace for others to follow, and also be a teacher and demonstrator of what he teaches.

Pst. Etim further disclosed that a leader must make the right decision, lead by example and communicate strong belief by expressing his ideology in a direct way, adding that a leader must be honest and never sacrifice or compromise his/her principles.

Also speaking on “Vision and Leadership”, the Pastor stated that the ability to secure a guarding vision is one of the responsibility of a leader, saying that vision is the projected mental image of what you want to achieve.

He affirmed that whatever move that lack vision, will also lack direction, and the only thing that defines a worker is vision, even as he said that vision is having a do or die mentality and that life itself begins with a vision.
Pst. Etim stated that brevity, clarity, abstractness, challenges, future oriented, desirability or ability to inspire people are all attributes of vision.
He further said that every vision has so much provision and nothing in life takes time but takes only vision to happen, even as he maintained that vision begins with conception.


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