ASABA/Nigeria: Call had been made for a more unified Peoples Democratic Party, PDP after the screening and congress of the party that will produce the presidential candidate of the party, which will be holding on Monday, September 24, 2018.

Speaking on the need for a unified party, after the screening, and congress, the Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta State, on Religious Matters, Bishop Greatman Nmalagu said that only a unified party, like the PDP will bring the needed changes to the country.

Bishop Nmalagu in a statement on Saturday, called on the PDP Presidential Screening Committee, headed by Alhaji Namadi Sambo, to use the screening exercise to bring unity into the party by ensuring that the aspirants see the presidential congress of the party as a family affair, and who ever emerges should be supported by the others, in any form to achieve victory for the party.

Addressing the committee chairman, he said that there are no other better solutions to Nigeria problems, than the aspirants that he is screening on Monday.

“There is no better solution to the problems Nigerians are facing today, than ensuring that all the PDP presidential aspirants, you are screening on Monday remain as one family after the screening and primaries to enable them in unite physically, financially, consciously and morally support any of the aspirants that shall emerge as the sole presidential candidate of PDP.”

According to him, if this is not done, then the work of the committee will not be regarded as successful.

“If Alhaji Sambo and members of his presidential committee did not successfully do their screening if they do not succeed in uniting them, knowing fully well  that the unity of the presidential aspirants is the beginning of the redemption of Nigeria from captivity, then the work of the committee will not be termed to be successful.” He emphasised.

Bishop Nmalagu stressed that that if this is achieved, and spread to the states, and affects, the senatorial districts, constituencies and local governments, the committee will be assumed to had put the party in a new footing, as the party has the full capacity, manpower, prowess and experiences to save the nation.

He reminded the committee that the country had been so divided into various camps of religion, ethnicity, and political, and it will take the ingenuity of a party like the PDP to unite the various interests groups, for peace to reign.

“The peaceful and united screening of the presidential aspirants which at the end of the primaries will produce one candidate for the presidential election is the only hope and best solution to the problems Nigerians are facing today.”

Bishop Nmalagu lambasted the present government at the centre, headed by the All Progressive Congress, APC, for nothing adding any new thing to the life of Nigerians, but rather, still working with what the immediate past government under Goodluck Jonathan left behind, which had been wrecked by the actions and policies of this government.

“There is no new thing that has been introduced into the present administration. Rather, all good foundations laid by PDP which made the economy to keep rising and brought peaceful coexistence amongst Nigerians have shipwrecked because the architecture of the foundation PDP left, the presidency had not rightly interpreted it and developed it.

He criticised the system which presently is been run by cabals, and said that this is not good for the country, and the only means of liberating Nigerians from the present situation is for the PDP to come back to power.

“Thus, Nigeria is like in the hands of cabals who did not lay the democratic settings of the present age.  Nigeria cannot be well ruled by cabals but by politicians in PDP.”


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