Gov Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State

By Chika Omenka

It turned out that Okowa sponsored a rally of the Delta Political Vanguard, DPV of Delta PDP to proclaim that he only will be the one to nominate the candidate of the party for the 2023 Gubernatorial election.

What an irony!

When the immediate past Governor, Uduaghan, attempted the same thing against him, the party members, leaders and elders rose up to oppose the Governor in his support. How now is he trying to do exactly the same thing?

How can one man, no matter his position, want to be the only decider in spite of the hundreds of thousands of members and the leaders, organs and members of the party?

When President Buhari is being criticised for not accenting to the amendment of the Electoral Laws for direct primaries, here we have someone going beyond even indirect primaries to constitute himself as the sole decider for the party.

What a slap on the party that helped him to emerge in spite of the position of the then Governor!

What a slap on democracy and the very name of Peoples Democratic Party which should be the one internalising the ideals of “government of the people by the people.”  It’s like biting the fingers that fed you and closing the very door that was opened for you.

But, why are the Delta PDP leaders acquiescing to him?

Is it because of the proverbial stomach infrastructure?

So there are no longer men in Delta PDP who can at least speak against this emerging tyranny and despotism?

What does Okowa want? After being commissioner, SSG, Senator and Governor for two terms, he wants to be Alpha and Omega?



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