Dr. Braduce Amakazi Angozi

By Chiedu Ogom

It’s generally believed by social influencers, and developers that there is nothing impossible to achieve when man dares to act at the right time, and through the right and well researched ways. And this could be true, with the victory of Mr. Barack Obama, when he first decided to take his first shot to the prestigious office of the President of the United States of America. He entered that race with the Theme: It’s Possible”. And possible it was.

Because the society develops when government and the people bond together, with the main aim of collectively achieving a better living conditions. It’s the collective bonding that Dr. Braduce Amakazi Angozi, fcim, tend to bring on board as the Executive Governor of Delta State, if voted into power in 2023. Dr. Braduce Angozi, a successful businessman, with an unassuming character, is not new to the corridor of power, as he had been a councilor, chairman of a Local Government Area, Commissioner in the State, and member of the board of a federal Agency.

Looking at his transformation road map to govern Delta, which he termed “Project Team”, the astute politician in the opening of the 34 page book, said “My covenant with Deltans is to build a strong, resilient and prosperous economy at the door steps of all Deltans, reinforcing Deltans unity, by promoting the spirit of consensus and co-operation where every Deltan will see themselves as members of one indivisible, and prosperous family irrespective of ethnic background.”

This is a vital policy statement for any person who tends to rule the state. Issues of peace, unity, and oneness should always be at the front burner, at all time, in a heterogeneous space such as ours, where ethnicity had in many ways divided us as a people.

The transformation road map, is clearly one that is what reading, as it details on how to ensure that the economy will be built through the various identified development channels which the document identified. It pointed out that economy will not only rely on allocations from the federation account to move the state forward. It postulated ways for financial reliance from other sources, which will be greatly be pursued by his administration. This is a very vital aspect of governance as it’s well known that running a mono economy is a very dangerous one, which today all Nigerians can testify to. The state, which is an oil dependent state like Nigeria, is struggling with financial difficult to meet up some basic needs of the people, despite the efforts being put by the present government under Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, to up the Internal Generated Revenue, IGR, of the State, mainly through improvement on taxation.

To achieve a strong, resilient and prosperous economy, Dr. Braduce Angozi, hinged his dream of a better Delta State, on the use of technology and industrialisation to pursue its economic agenda in all fronts, including medical documentation in hospitals and every area, where revenues are collected for the state. He has wealth creation, using the abundance of youths, who are skilled in many aspect of live in the state to achieve this, by harvesting their potentials.

He further stipulated that to achieve this, the various tribes, culture and customs of the state will be collectively harnessed to promote the spirit of consensus, and co-operation where every Deltans will see themselves as one. This he said, will build one indivisible prosperous family irrespective of ethnic background. This is very vital to the development of the state, as the state will not progress, if we as a people fails to look at the beauty of our differences and harness it for the good of the state. This he had pledge to uphold, and pursue vigorously.

In the preamble, he stated “This document… is summary of my dream for Delta State for four (4) years, starting from May 29, 2023. It’s a road Map for achieving a better Delta for today, tomorrow and the future. It’s a document on what I believe will empower, and build a better life for our unborn children. It tells on how we all will jointly, despite our diversity in the state ensure our tomorrow is preserved.”

What else can one say for such a man, with such a big vision to build a state, along with its citizens that will harvest the cultural differences to achieve great success for the people today, and for the future? A man who wants to liberate the youths in Delta through wealth creation. A man who have created a vision to transform the value chain of agriculture, create more modern settlements, make our ruler areas very habitable. A man who have a dream on how to transform the transportation system, and give life to all corners of the state.

Dr. Braduce Amakazi Angozi, is not the everyday public politician that dots the political space of Delta blaring siring, disturbing the public space. This is that unassuming nature of his.

Chiedu Ogom, Writes from Asaba




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