WARRI/Nigeria: As the oil-rich state of Delta marks  26years of its existence,  the 2015 governorship candidate and leader of the All Progressives Congress in Delta State, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor OON has called on Deltans to be steadfast assuring them it was time  to chart a new course for the state.

According to Olorogun Emerhor, it is now crystal clear that the current PDP-led government like it’s predecessors, lacks what is required to transform the state. He added that it is painful and highly  regrettable that despite her vast human and capital resources, the state cannot provide basic social amenities, it cannot pay salaries of workers neither create an environment for businesses to thrive.

The Delta APC leader noted that the state was  on the  right course to glory before the PDP took over the  affairs of the state in 1999 and turned the fortunes of the state around for the worse. Olorogun Emerhor maintained that the over 18years administration of the PDP in the state has plunged the state into  one of the least developed and most indebted state in the country. Indeed, Delta has become a failed State!

Olorogun Emerhor stated that, “it’s  not a joking matter but a huge embarrassment that at 26, what Delta state has to celebrate are; high rate of unemployment, bad and death trap roads, lack of industries, lack of investors, poor health facilities, poor condition of schools, and unpaid Council workers, etc. He added that “more embarrassing is the fact that Governor Okowa appointed hundreds of political aides and is still appointing even in the midst of the economic misery of the general populace, all as political coordinators in preparation for 2019 elections!”

He stated that there was little or  nothing to celebrate by the current administration which is a surrogate of the previous governments that have plundered and looted the  Commonwealth of the people.

Olorogun Emerhor further stated that, it is clear to all that Deltans have not only lost trust and hopes in the PDP administration in the state, but have fully rejected and ready to do away with the PDP in the next general elections. And to achieve that, Olorogun Emerhor said that there is need for all well meaning Deltans to join Delta APC in charting that course now as 2019 is not far from today.

While assuring Deltans of the vision of the APC for them, Olorogun  Emerhor urged Deltans to use the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the creation of the State as a period of sober reflection on the ills the PDP government has brought upon the state.

Finally, Olorogun Emerhor called on the good people of Delta State to give their support to  Delta APC as the party is ready to lead Deltans in charting a new course that will lead to a new lease of life devoid of the current hardship they are currently facing.


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