visually impaired persons

ASABA/Nigeria: The persons with disabilities have decried the neglect of the deaf community in the sensitisation programme of the fight against COVID-19.

The Chairman of the Delta chapter of Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities, (JONAS PD), Mr Obruche Omor   that all the sensitization campaigns on the coronavirus across the country, have failed to carry along the deaf because of the absence of no signs interpreters.

Omor said: ”As far as we are concerned, the deaf community is totally locked out because there are no sign language interpreters in all the sensitization programme.

”Even in our normal traditional media that is the television stations owned by the state, you hardly see them except in few Federal Government programmes.

”Like here in Delta state, I have not seen or witnessed any.

”Even the state Bureau for Orientation, in all the orientation and enlightenment programmes, they have been carrying out across the state, not one person, who is a sign interpreter is involved in any of their programmes.”

According to him, persons living with disabilities are most vulnerable group mostly affected by COVID-19.

“For the visually impaired persons, the only way that they can find their way is by touching and the World Health Organisation (WHO) made us to understand that one of the easiest ways to be infected with the Coronavirus is touching infected objects,” he added.

Omor therefore, called for more enlightenment where sign interpreters and relevant stakeholders would be part of the sensitization programme in order to help drive the message to persons living with disabilities. Who are more vulnerable to the disease.



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