Engr. Philip Chukwumah Ugbomah, Managing Director/CEO of CPU Construction LLT Nigeria Limited

ASABA/Nigeria: The Managing Director of CPU Construction LLT Nigeria Limited, Engr. Philip Chukwumah Ugbomah has said that the Delta state governor, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa has kept to his objective to lead Deltans into the Promised Land, with a stronger economy, as he had continued to embark on policies that will make the state self sufficient in infrastructure, human capital, food security, and provision of security to the people.

Ugbomah stated this on Wednesday, June 30, in Asaba while speaking to our Reporter, on developments in the state.

According to him, the evidence of the development can be noticed around the state, as the governor had invested in policies that will outlive his administration, especially in infrastructure.

He stated that the roads are done with drainages, which will go a long way to preserve the lifespan of the roads.

He also, gave it to the governor in the area of education, and job creation, as the government had used every little opportunity to train the youths in the state, to be owners of business, and also employ others.

“Governor Okowa had done much in the state, with emphasis on policies that is preparing the state to the promised land of a Stronger Delta. What makes a state is legion. If we look closely to road projects by this government, there is no road that is built without drainage. Governor Okowa know the importance of drainage to an environment such as ours. And if you travel round the state, check the roads constructed by this government, you will not miss the facts that there is drainage built with the roads.”

“This is good, as our roads will survive as the drainages will help to remove the waters that may have settled on the tarred roads. Compare this to roads built before this government.”

“Another thing, is a stronger economic policy that guarantees the future of the citizenry. He promised us a prosperous state at his first tenure, under the SMART Delta Agenda, and in the Second tenure STRONGER Delta, all this for a better state. The governor had worked towards the continuous training and empowering of the youths in the state. Many of the youths today, have become managers of their business, and had become employers of labour in the state. The government under his Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa had also encouraged and partnered with many organisations to train and empower youths in the state. The end product of all these will transmit to a better state, with security and growing economy, which are key factors for a strong state.’

“He touched virtually many areas, education, good environment for investors, this had transmitted to proper growth, as was noticed in the recent Nigeria Bureau of Statistics, NBS, report, which stated that the state economy grew by 51 percent in the last 6 years. This is a good development. And we have to appreciate the governor for that.”

“Therefore looking at all these statistics, you can see that, His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa is truly leading us to the promised land.” He stated.


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