Front Row: Dr. Effiong Essien (6th left), flanked by Amb. Prince Ebilade (4th left), Pastor Edewor Egedegbe (3rd left), Jennifer Okotie (7th left), and other distinguished members of Delta State Chapter of P4P


By Emeka Nwokocha

The Programme Director at Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND), Dr. Effiong Essien has commended the Delta State chapter of Partners for Peace (P4P) in the Niger Delta for demonstrating capacity in promoting peace in Niger Delta region, saying that sustainable peace is an indispensable resource to boosting socioeconomic development of society, even as he attributed the shrinking foreign investment in Nigeria to fragile peace in recent years.

Dr. Essien made the commendation on Thursday 1 September, 2022, at the regular meeting of P4P’s Network, Delta state chapter, held at P4P’s head office, Okuokoko, near Warri.

Dr. Effing Essien, Programme Director at PIND (centre), flanked by Jennifer Okotie, Delta State Coordinator, P4P (right), and Pastor Edewor Egedegbe, P4P CWC National Secretary

In the course of the meeting, the principal officers of P4P Network, Jennifer Okotie, State Coordinator; Pastor Edewor Egedegbe, P4P CWC National Secretary; and Amb. Prince Ebilade, P4P Programme Officer/Coordinator, briefed the PIND Programme Director on the activities of P4P, its achievements and inherent challenges in recent times, adding that on-going projects include curbing drug abuse among youths and mitigating sexual violence in the society.

Speaking, Dr. Essien brought his wealth of experience to bear on the issues raised, identifying opportunities for scaling up the achievements of P4P in the coming years. On the issue of funding, he expressed need for more funding to ensure sustainability of P4P activities which have relatively become expansive in recent times. He tasked the members of P4P to explore other avenues to attracting funding so as to guarantee sustainability of its expanded programmes and projects.


Dr. Effiong Essien (middle), speaking to journalist

“look beyond the funding from PIND and take advantage of global trends, innovations and hosts of opportunities to be able to attract more funding to sustain the increasing programmes and projects of your network,” he stated.

Fielding questions from journalists, Dr. Essien described his interaction with the members of P4P network as progressive, saying: “P4P is a critical network in doing the work of PIND Foundation as well as achieving its own vision as a network.”

Regular Meeting of Delta State Chapter of P4P in Session

He added: “I had a very good meeting with P4P network in Delta state and touched on crucial subjects that will set a roadmap for P4P in carrying out its activities successfully in line with the objectives of PIND.”

He continued: “The issue of capacity building for members of the network was brought to our attention and I sure you that PIND will respond positively to that important demand in subsequent engagements with P4P.”

He remarked: “If we could get our vision very clear and have sustainability built into what we do and also look at capacity building of members as crucial, l believe the network will progress very effectively and achieve the common goal.”

Front Row: Dr. Effiong Essien (6th left) flanked by Amb. Prince Ebiade (4th left), Pastor Edewor Egedegbe (5th left), Ms jennifer Okotie (7th left), and other distinguished members of Delta State Chapter of P4P

Dr. Essien described P4P as a very vibrant network with a community of “foot soldiers” that are very committed, dynamic and enthusiastic about their work, noting that “P4P has a well formed structure, with its Central Working Committee (CWC) doing a great work.”

He added: “We need to communicate and relate more closely so that we tap into reservoir of knowledge to be able to present value proposition for the P4P network, as well as for PIND.”

The meeting, which attracted various categories of P4P members was interestingly interactive and informative as projects implementation team leads, prevent team leads, subchapter coordinators, project team leads and state coordinators, including Mr. Fred Nohwo, and Mr. Richard Bini, gave a detailed update of ongoing programmes and projects under their supervision. Other members of P4P also made quality contributions that would further improve the work of P4P.



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