UGHELLI/Nigeria: The Provost, Delta State School of Health Technology (DESCOHTECH) , Ofuoma, Dr. (Mrs) Agnes Olojoba has said the tarring of Ughelli/Afiesere/Ofuoma road by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s administration is impacting greatly on the progress of the institution.
According to Dr Olojoba in a chat, “the governing council, the management and students of DESCOHTECH are very happy that our Governor has tarred this road, which has reduced movement time from Ughelli to Ofuoma to less than 15 minutes instead of more than 45 minutes and the attendant risks involved when the road was in bad shape.”
“This road is very important because, it has made the institution to be accessible and has also, made those travelling to Abraka to pass through Ofuoma through Eku instead of passing through Warri,” she said, adding, “you are aware that most of our staff come from Ughelli every day and this has greatly reduced the man-hour spent on the road, the students are also happier because, they can easily go to Ughelli and come back without much risk, because the road is good.”
She continued, “Our school has become the delight of all, unlike in the past when parents and students avoided the school because of bad road; we cannot thank Governor Okowa’s administration enough for this road project which is very important to the development of the school.”
Speaking on the courses offered by the institution, Dr. Olojoba stated that efforts where on in conjunction with relevant stakeholders to make the institution one of the most attractive to students in terms of courses offered in the country.
According to her, “at present, we rank among the best in the courses we offer with regards to health, but, because, education has become more competitive with the proliferation of private institutions, plans are on to make the school a College, so that some management courses can be offered and I can assure you that the current governing council,  made of notable politicians and technocrats are reaching out for the speedy passage of necessary laws to make the school a College which will be beneficial to everybody.”
“We are happy that most parents are encouraging their children and wards to seek admission in the institution, it was a clear evidence that products of the school which provides middle-man power in the health sector, are doing very well in their chosen fields; our students are well trained and the environment is very conducive for academic activities; we thank Governor Okowa for his interest in ensuring that the school is getting deserved attention,” she concluded


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