From L-R: Sunday Igboho, and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

By Emeka Nwokocha

Human Rights group, the Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria (GCSDN), has called on the Nigerian government to ensure the fundamental rights of IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is respected in line with the rule of law, even as it charged the government to arrest marauding herdsmen and other terror groups that have unleashed mayhem on innocent Nigerians in the past and present times, noting that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

GCSDN made the call, Friday, via a press statement entitled: “The arrest of Nnamdi Kanu and the Attack on Sunday Adeyemo.”
The statement which was read to the public by the Global Coordinator of the group, Frederick Odorige, further noted that the various calls for self-determination was a direct reflection of angst and frustrations against failed governance, worsened by nepotism and unbridled impunity perpetrated by those at the corridors of power.

The statement reads; “as a function of government, we also request that the government of Nigeria should also arrest all those that have threatened the peace and security of Nigeria by their spoken words and actions. One of such groups is the gun trotting Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association who have killed, violently attacked and raped women in their farms,” stating that they had openly confessed their direct involvement in various killings in Benue and Plateau states.

Continuing, the statement said, “GCSDN does not support any form of violence either from the government or the agitators. But on many occasions, this government has been the aggressor.
“This is the time for deep sober reflection by government. The policy of selective justice has bred so much animosity among Nigerians and it is currently tearing the country apart. Giving land and national identification cards to foreigners under the guise of integration is the worst security risk that could be imagined -it is the surrendering of our sovereignty.”

The statement further noted that, “paying ransoms to terrorists and negotiating with them in their forests, just as the killing, arresting and detaining unharmed protesters, including Shiite Muslims, is the worst travesty in the history of Nigeria.
“The killing of #EndSARS protesters is still very fresh on our minds. For how long shall we continue to hear tragic news about our country?

“Though our coalition believe in one united Nigeria, the government must do all that is necessary to provide security and welfare as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution. Now, under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, our flag is red and Nigeria is on the precipice.
“We call on the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo to live up to his constitutional responsibilities in a country that is currently been grossly mismanaged. His silence as a Professor of law, when our rights are being trampled upon, has become too conspiratorial to be imagined.

“As a retired army General with an election campaign promise built on hope, it is unimaginable that the security situation of Nigeria has continued to worsen under President Buhari’s silent watch. The federal government must stop further integration of terrorists who, according to President Buhari, are foreigners. It is illogical to reason that monies borrowed to finance our national budgets are being channeled towards hobnobbing with terrorists. We call for the removal of the Director of the State Security Service (SSS), Yusuf Bichi who has been in office through the period when the previous set of Service Chiefs were removed from office for their ineptitude. Bichi ought to have been removed with those Service Chiefs as insecurity continues. There is no denying the fact that the State Security Service has not lived up to its statutory role of intelligence gathering and surveillance. Now, our country is bleeding from all sides.”

The statement added, “it is inexplicable that students are abducted and transported across many kilometers without the knowledge of the SSS. Others have been abducted and killed without help from government. Human parts are now regularly sold for rituals in our country as if there is no government.
“It is more embarrassing that the international community no longer send President Buhari condolence messages in the midst of the recurring carnages and massacres going on in Nigeria. They now believe that killing ourselves is now part of our cultures. If the Nigeria of today is the reason why we elect leaders, then we must quickly have a rethink.
“During the 2015 election campaigns, the All Progressives Congress (APC) promised, amongst others, to secure our country and bring an end to terrorism. Now our country has never been this horrible. We are now a mocking stock among the comity of nations. This anomaly must come to an end.

“Police officers should be withdrawn from politicians and some persons in office. A few persons should not be given special protection while majority of Nigerians are exposed to dangers everyday. They should hire the services of private security firms.
“Since nothing tangible has resulted from the appeal by President Buhari to the United States of America to send Military help to Nigeria, we call on the President to quickly call on Russia to send immediate help. They are currently the best alternative.

“We request that all those involved in the diversion of funds from the previous administration till date, must be given speedy trials and such monies refunded. It is wrong that they are all walking freely while our security officers and civilians are daily massacred and soldiers that complained about poor ammunition are detained. Such soldiers must be released.

“The time has come to stop the payments of huge monthly security votes to State Governors who have not been held accountable for funds received. Security votes should be channeled towards recruiting more security officers and to acquire more sophisticated arms and ammunition. We call on the Nigerian Senate to stop further consideration of the bill for the rehabilitation, deradicalization and integration of repentant insurgents in the country, which was presented by Senator Ibrahim Gaidam. It is a national and international security risk. It is very strange that the government had gone ahead to integrate many terrorists without the final approval of the Senate and the enactment of the bill by the President. Nigeria needs healing. We have fought ourselves enough.

“We must mention the recent invasion and attack on the premises of Sunday Igboho Adeyemo. This is not the time to haunt Nigerians. This is the time for government to seriously consider negotiation, reconciliation and restoration. Who would not be proud to be a Nigerian if we have good governance? Nigerians are not asking for too much. We crave for security, steady electricity, food security, excellent health and education from our huge resources which are mostly stolen. Our country needs healing. Government must look at the causes of the various agitations for secession and address the issues with all sense of patriotism and objectivity.

“As a Coalition, we do not support any form of disintegration of Nigeria. Rather, we call on all Nigerians to rise up for our country in the spirit of Revolution Without Ammunition. Nothing has destroyed Nigeria since 1960 as much as our silence to bad governance. Nigeria belongs to each and everyone of us. No Nigerian is above Nigeria. We must drop our various agitations, come together on a common platform and speak with one voice against the forces that have held us down for too long. One voice, One platform. United we stand, divided we fall.

“This is not the Nigeria of our collective dreams nor that of our founding fathers. The Nigerian government must stop every aggression against the people – especially unarmed protesters. More focus must be channeled towards fighting Boko haram and other terrorists in the name of bandits and herdsmen.
President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo must tow the path of peace and reconciliation. There is no good war; neither is there bad peace. Now, our hearts are very heavy.”


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