By Galaxy Imanmadu

Human rights activist and Executive Director of Global Action Against Hunger, Crime and Violation of Peoples’ Rights (GAHCAVPER), Comrade Emeka Nwokocha, has raised the alarm over the speed at which Nigeria is racing towards anarchy, describing the worsening security situation in the country as frightening, even as he lambasted Nigerian leaders for being responsible for the troubles the country is enmeshed in currently.

Comr. Nwokocha chastised Nigerian political leaders for taking the gullible Nigerian populace for a ride as they continue stealing public funds with impunity and causing Nigerians misfortune.

Comr. Nwokocha gave the charge in Warri recently while reacting to the worsening security situation and widening poverty and suffering in the country.

Continuing, he blamed the rising insecurity in the country on bad leadership, stating that the Nigerian political leaders are enemies to the country, noting that their stock in trade in governance has been more of enslaving the citizens and causing them excruciating pain in the manner vampires would subject their victims to agonizing death.

Comr. Nwokocha said, “since democracy was restored in Nigeria in 1999 following huge sacrifices made by brave Nigerians who fought the military junta to a standstill at the expense of their precious lives and freedom, the crop of political leaders that take charge of governance have everything in stock but patriotism, vision, prudence, integrity and honesty. That is the reason our common patrimony is recklessly stolen and plundered without remorse. “They don’t care about the security and welfare of the people. They don’t care about the future of the country. They are just being wicked and desperate to take the country through harm’s way to “Somalia”. But our merciful God will demobilize their antics in no distant time.”

Continuing, Comr. Nwokocha asked, “why do we have crimes and violent attacks everyday across the country? Isn’t it because poverty has permeated the country and the hungry men and women are now on the prowl?”

The rights activist said “if Nigerian leaders had done what good leaders do in other climes, the worsening insecurity in the country wouldn’t have been our “portion” at all. Our case is self-inflicted troubles, but still looting of public treasury and untamed corruption have become the in thing in government, and these vices have become the norm in the entire Nigerian society.”
Reacting to the four moribund refineries in Nigeria, the vibrant rights activist lamented the decay in the petroleum industry over the years. He said, “why would a country that prides itself as the largest producer of crude oil in Africa ” kill” its refineries? Why would Nigeria, having mismanaged its refineries resorts to importing petroleum products at the detriment of its economy, from foreign countries who don’t have a drop of oil, but prudently invested in refineries as a critical part of the petroleum value chain? l can’t fathom the reason our governments would allow this madness to continue and jeopardizing our economy. Only a country under a spell would allow this suicidal economic policy to continue over the years.”

Comr. Nwokocha cautioned Nigerian leaders to retrace their steps and stop stealing public funds, even as he urged them to concentrate on the tenets of good governance in the interest of the country, warning that ominous signs are hovering everywhere.

He said, “if our leaders have been responsive to the people and managing the country’s resources prudently, there would’ve been a spike in economic activities over the years, there would’ve been jobs everywhere in the country to engage the teeming youths comprising the educated, skilled and unskilled. Then, crime, banditry and terror attacks the country is confronting currently wouldn’t have been this bad”


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