Asaba/Nigeria: A group of young leaders from the South East/South South of Nigeria has called for a united and virile Nation, with equity, justice and fairness as the bedrock of the collective existence of the country.

The body which met in Asaba, the Delta State Capital, said the meeting was held to review the state of the nation, and the need for the two regions to explore regional collaboration and corporation, after a week where a similar meeting was held by the governors of the two regions.

At the end of the meeting, the group came out with a six points resolution, which they believed will lead to the proper development of the country, and eliminate all forms of distrust which now exists in the country.

Among the resolution of the group are, “A United and Virile Nigeria where the best interest of all is observed, provided that Equity, Justice and Fairness to all is the bedrock of our collective existence”.

The group while commending the rapprochement between the South South and South East Governors for rising up to the occasion and speaking with one voice at their recent meeting in Enugu State and deeply encouraged them to continue in that spirit, said that through the meeting, is explore the common cultural heritage and social affiliations of the area.

“The collaboration as a united people bound by common cultural heritage and social affiliations in confronting those challenges that are peculiar to us as a people and our environment and to build consensus/coalition between the two brotherly regions in matters of national interest”.

They called on the socio-political leaders from both regions to build “bridges and work together with sincerity of purpose for the benefit of the citizens therein”

As young leaders, they stated that they are committed to the call for the restructuring of the country, where all the components parts feel sense of belonging, without giving any undue advantage to any a particular section of the country, at the same time called for the implementation of the 2014 COMFAB Report.

.“We as young leaders are committed to a restructured Nigeria where all the component parts feel a sense of belonging without giving any undue advantage to any particular section of the country. To this end we demand that the Federal Government starts the process of restructuring and begin the urgent implementation of the recommendations of the 2014 CONFAB Report especially as it relates to Fiscal Federalism by divulging more powers to the states to allow component states develop at their pace with their available resources with minimal interference from the Central Government”.

They further resolved that there must be Fiscal Federalism and Restructuring, which must be 100%.

“Fiscal Federalism and Restructuring must ensure 100% resource control to ensure that proper attention is given to the hazards occasioned by environmental degradation and oil exploration activities within the both region.

The body also looked at the present constitution, and called for a true constitution, as the existing one is not a true representation of the people of Nigeria.

“That the present Nigerian Constitution is defective to the extent that its provisions are not the product of the entire component parts that make up the Nigerian Federation and there is therefore the need for a new constitution. We therefore demand that the Federal Government should begin the process of birthing a True Peoples’ Constitution”.



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