ASABA/Nigeria: Rev. Fr. Malachy Okonkwo has urged those holding positions to see such as platforms to serve God and attaining heaven as the ultimate goal.
The Priest who made the call today (30/07/17), in a homily at the celebration of the Holy Mass at the Catholic Church of the Ascension, Asaba stated, “every position you hold in life should be able to take you to heaven; we should realize that God is the ultimate, the number one in everything we do.”
“Elevating you, promotion means that there is great expectations for you to do better from your previous positions, if you dedicate such position to God, you will do better,” the Priest said, adding, “the kingdom of God is about the salvation Jesus has worked for us; He paid the price for us, but, it is for us to agree and say, God I am for you and if I am for you, no sacrifice is too great for us to attain the kingdom.”
He continued, “prudence is a cardinal virtue because it will guide you in every decision as a child of God; every day, say, God help me not to abuse your gift.”
“If you are prudent, you will know at every point in time that God will judge you, your good acts will take you to heaven and your bad acts will take you to hell; seeking Jesus, having Jesus in your life will grant you unending success,” he emphasized.
He observed, “wisdom is important in our lives or what you may call prudence; Solomon asked for wisdom to lead God’s people and based on that, God granted him his request and added more to him; God said, ‘I will give you wisdom and victory over all your enemies’; when you choose God first, every other thing falls in place.”
“In everything, God works for good to those who loves Him and at the end, you will say, ‘God, praise be to your name,” the Priest said.


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