Independent National Electoral Commission

By Fidelis Emeka

OBIARUKU/Nigeria: The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, continuous registration Exercise that is to begin on Monday, June 28 is likely to run into protest across the country, as many communities in the country have raised alarm over non registration points in their areas.

With the recent announcement of new polling units in the country, many had kicked against the extensive dichotomy between the North and South. However, a closer look, the problem may not just be national, as communities had come out to complain of what they call early disenfranchisement of their people for the next election.

In a letter, made available to our correspondent, a community in Delta state, Umuosele Community in Ebedei, Ukwuani Local Government has decried the nonexistence of registration unit in their part of the community.

The letter, which was signed by Mr. Henry Omenogor for the Obi-Iloh Youths states that;

“Every other village in Ebedei were given one or two registration units, yet some are lesser in population compared to Umuosele (Obi-Iloh)”

“We the people of Umuosele would want INEC to correct this with immediate effect. INEC wants every citizen of voting age to register and community leaders are also encouraging their people to go for the exercise. Yet, we are not given the platform to exercise that.”

“We don’t have to transport or move to other community to register when we have the required population to have a unit.”

“We the people of Obi-Iloh is calling on INEC to correct this anomaly with immediate effect, or we will boycott the whole election processes.”

For the record, these are the registration units INEC created.

Unit 001, Ekpimili Primary School Obi-Ogene. Code 10/21/03/001

Unit 002, Ebedei Primary School Adonishaka I. Code 10/21/03/002

Unit 003, Ebedei Primary School Adonishaka II. Code 10/21/03/003

Unit 004, Ebedei Primary School Adonishaka III            . Code 10/21/03/004

Unit 005, Obiogwa Obi-Ukwuole. Code 10/21/03/005.

Unit 006, Town Hall Umunyalum. Code 10/21/03/006

Unit 007, Obi – Ogwa Umueziogoli. Code 10/21/03/007

Unit 008, Umueziogoli Primary School Umueziogoli. Code 10/21/03/008

Unit 009, Obiogwa Issemelu. Code 10/21/03/009

Unit 010, Ebedei Primary School Umunyalum. Code 10/21/03/010

Unit 011, Obi-Ukuele Pry Sch I. Code 10/21/03/011

Unit 012, Obi-Ukuele Pry Sch II. Code 10/21/03/012

They therefore called for the rectification of the omission, as failure to do so will deprive Nigerians living in that part of the country from vote, despite the facts that and encouragement from INEC to Nigerians to come and register to enable them exercise their civic rights.


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