President and CEO of Next2 Sun Nigeria limited Francis Onabis

ABUJA/Nigeria: Next 2 sun Nigeria limited has announce a new partnership with Italian company, Western Co to boast use of solar energy in the country.

President and CEO of Next2 Sun Nigeria limited Francis Onabis in a statement said the partnership with Western Co,  one of the world’s leading solar power manufacturer is to make use of solar energy convenient and reliable in Nigeria.

Onabis said with the partnership, Next 2 sun Nigeria limited has invited Western Co to provide technical expertise supplies of PV plants to be sold in the Nigeria market.

“Through our partnership with Western Co Italy we believe we are offering unique and true value as well as helping to combat climate change in Nigeria. All our customers get a lifetime support from our team. Both partners take rigorous and evidence based approach to development and product quality which is why we supplies  equipment’s of highest standard  Francis Onabis, President and CEO of Next2 Sun Nigeria limited in a statement.

Western Co Foreign Market Manager, Alessandra Cimini express confidence that alternative solar energy can change the story of poor power supplies to home in West Africa, particularly Nigeria.

She said Western CO is bringing its more than 30 years of experience in the photovoltaic market and in industrial electronics to satisfy the needs of Nigeria’s heterogeneous clientele in terms of culture and economic potential.

“We are happy to be entering the West Africa market through our Nigeria’s partner Next2 Sun Limited, Western co will work together with our clients and government to ensure more use of solar energy in Nigeria,” Alessandra Cimini said while signing the partnership.

Next 2Sun Nigeria Limited with their headquarters at Uromi Edo state was established to help bridge the gap of energy supplies in Nigeria through solar which is in apple supplies in the country.


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