PORT HARCOURT/Nigeria: The Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, said its attention has been drawn to the broadcast by Gov. Nyesom Wike in which all forms of half-truths and sometimes outright lies were pushed into public space.

The opposition party in Rivers State in a statement signed by Chief (Dr. Davies Ibiamu Ikanya, JP, State Chairman, All Progressives Congress, APC, today stressed that, “While some of the lies may be ignored at the moment and dealt with at a later date, however, it is manifestly important to immediately prevent unsuspecting members of the public, critical stakeholders and particularly security agencies from being hoodwinked by a frivolous list of supposed cultists and kidnappers contained in the governor’s broadcast. The truth has come out. Gov. Wike merely compiled names of cult groups opposed to his own gang of killers, names of his hit-men known to have fallen out with him, then some APC members and is asking for their arrests.”

The statement reads: “Since the broadcast by Gov. Wike, many are still asking a plethora of questions. Why did the governor know those persons as criminals as he claimed and never did anything since he came into office over 2 years ago? Why did he not make the names of those individuals available to security agents for arrest, investigation and prosecution? Why were those names kept until Don Wani was killed before he made them public in less than 48 hours after? Were those names given to him by security agencies? Indeed, how were those names generated; where they generated in Government House Port Harcourt or by the police?

“The bravest attempts to answer the aforementioned questions simply confirm the fact that Gov. Wike merely want to muddle up investigations by security agents following the killing of his associate, Don Wani. The governor very well knows that if Don Wani and his boys could be tracked and killed in faraway Enugu, then information from his mobile call logs, text messages, bank accounts, etc. will likely reveal a lot which may incriminate him or his party leaders who freely played host to and/or appeared in photographs with Don Wani at various times in the past.

“The APC calls on Rivers people, Nigerians and security agencies to look beyond the names made up of either opponents or his boys that have fallen out with him. Security agents should rely on names independently generated by the various security services over time and clamp down on them accordingly.

“Again we ask: if Gov. Wike had names of criminals since he became governor over 2 years ago, why did he have to wait until Don Wani met his waterloo before he made such names public?”


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