Nigeria Police

WARRI/Nigeria: Iyara area in Warri, Delta State recently witnessed a case of man inhumanity to man as a female resident allegedly poured a solution of hot water and pepper into the virginia of her niece living with her for what she considered ‘indiscrimate sleeping with the opposite sex’.
Residents of the area did not take to the alleged act of the woman who operates daily thrift business (popularly known as daily collector) kindly.
She was consequently dragged to the youth secretariat where she was ordered to give urgent medical attention to the teenager who was screaming and crying due to pains sustained from the ‘satanic’ act.
It was gathered further that the matter was not reported to the police, because, according to a source, ‘such matters are handled at the community level.’
“However, this does not mean that the woman would go scot-free. All the youths were concerned with, was the immediate treatment of the young girl. Thereafter the case would be properly handled, the source who preferred anonymity, explained to our correspondent.


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